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Quote: Why Would I quote myself? Oh that's right? Cause I am Fucking Awesome!
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Sep 22 2016, 09:42 AM
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<td><div class="winter-background"><div class="winter-text"><div class="winter-lyrics">Kicking that Ass (While my girlfriend watches)</div>
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Starling City, the Orgy city more like. Not even the fun orgy. The crime Orgy... so in conclusion, Deadpool's second favorite type. This was the perfect place to take out his rage, as the government had already expressed many times that it did not care about that dead city. However with the new Sokovia Accords, Wade should have known that they would stop at nothing to capture him. He was fucking deadpool! Of course no city could hide him.... especially when he went on a killing spree. 10 cops were already dead, and more were coming. Probably some government bitches as well.

<p>Wade was taking cover behind a car which also happened to be on fire. The blaze lighting up the night sky. Police were firing upon him. What idiots... Deadpool could not be killed. And like he would go quietly. He shouted out "I will give you fucktards one more chance to run home with your tails between your legs! Or you can join your buddies in Pig hell!"

<p>He then looked straight ahead and said "Oh boy! An Open thread? Anyone could join! Maybe that Green Arrow guy will! It's his city after all. I have been dying to see the man under the hood! Or maybe an Avenger! Not Captain America obviously, seeing as he has yet to be adopted, but maybe old Iron Dick? This is going to be so much fun! Think of all the ass I am going to kick!"
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Aug 26 2016, 02:50 PM
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Wade W. Wilson</div>
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<b>Healing Factor</b>:I can heal bitches! Cut off any part of my anatomy... and I am talking ANY part *wink face* I can resist toxins and poisons and other stuff, and I my cancer and my healing factors and racing eachother to the finish line.. which means I still have my cancer.

<p>Enhanced senses: I am faster and quicker to react than most humans. That makes me cooler than Captain America! Although I don't think I "See faster" How can anyone see faster anyways??

<p>Reckless: WHAT? I'm Reckless? What are you doing David?! I'm not... well.. okay fine. I guess since I do not fear being hurt I take stu-TOTALLY REASONABLE risks. I call that being unpredictable.. but David calls it a weakness... what does he know?!

Why do you give two shits about my personality? Who cares? I am a stand up kind of guy. Everyone loves me.. unless you get on my bad side.. then you don't have any chance of hating me for your head has already been cut off from the shaft... if you get what I mean *wink face* People call me crazy.. call me a psychopath. Well let me tell you, whats the fun in being normal?

ahhh, the history portion of this application. Well let me tell you, I have a dark and mysterious past. Something you little homo-sapiens might just tremble in your boots as you read. Of course.. I could just not tell you.. but then my application would never be accepted.. so hold on to your pants as this history might just fuck you right up the bum hole if you aren't careful.

Wade fucking Wilson (THATS ME!) Was born in 19something or other in the land of oz (US of A) as a normal human being. Or well.. normal as somewith with daddy and mommy issues can be. Well this lead to a life of crime... aka the US special forces! I had 31 confirmed kills! But then I was sent home.. so I made my life as a merc. THE MERC WITH A MOUTH! What a great life that was. Many called him.. that is ME, a hero. But let me get this straight.. I am no hero.

<p>I was then recruited by William Stryker to work on a special team of people, working alongside People like Agent Zero, Sabertooth and Wolverine.. until I was killed and experimented on and made into the Pool, Weapon 11. I was then half killed- Wait.. sorry.. my mistake (Sony's mistake) That movie completely fucked up the awesomeness that is Deadpool. Good Ryan Reynolds and fans pushed to have a better movie made about me! HAHA

<p>I got myself a girl, Vanessa is her name, and I fell in love with her. EVEN asked her to marry me. But as a wise man once said, nothing good can last forever. And just when she said yes and we were about to make PASIONATE love, I passed out. Shit hit the fan in the second most colosal was (Origins being the first) And I got terminal cancer. I was dying. Luckily I was contacted by Ajax and was introduced to a program that was going to make me a super hero!

<p>Fuck Francis. The guy tortured me and made me look like the son of an avocado that I look like today. Fuck Francis. I went on the revenge path, killing a bunch of guys... getting cut up a lot (Oh yeah, did I mention I can't die??) killing more guys.. a few girls... THEN I FOUND HIM! Of course the Xmen had to FUCK IT UP! which lead to more killing, more blood, a new baby hand... playing with myself and oh yeah... saving the love of my life and killing francis.... FUCK FRANCIS.

<p>Now I live happily ever after as the Merc with a mouth. One day I help Hydra, one day I help the Xmen. Whoever pays me the most I guess. Oh yeah... one more thing... FUCK FRANCIS!

<p>Now excuse me as I go fondle myself... or have Vanessa do it for me..

Bullets flew through the air and hit the car Wade was hiding behind. The Merc cocked his glock before pausing and staring of blindly. He then said "I know... played by the founder of the site! I know you are wondering whos coconuts I had to fondle to get this INCREDIBLE honor! Well thats a secret between me and his lordship. shhh! Now excuse me for a second" He turned his attention back to the situation at hand. "Maximum Effort!" He jumped into action. He flipped over the car and shot a bullet, nailing one of the goons in the dick "Ha! Cock Shot!" He then dove behind a column.

<p>He then jumped back out and proceeded to be shot in the arm. "Son of a bitch! Fuck Me!" he then fired at the guy who he thought shot him blindly, missing the first time, but hitting him the rest of the times, using up his clips "Bad Deadpool" He then pulled out one of his swords and threw it at the last goon, killing him. "Good Deadpool!" He then walked up to his target, whom had a gun pointed at him. Deadpool ignored him (And the bullets that flew through him) and pulled his sword out of the dead guy, pointing it at his target "What manners you have dear sir, Don't you know its rude to SHOOT AT YOUR GUESTS!" He quickly cut off the guys hand. "Well shit, guess you won't be working your meat for a while now. Down to buisness. I come to warn you, next time you steal from a secret orginization... make it SHIELD. Hydra isn't above sending overpaid shitheads like me to do their dirty work."

<p>He then turned around and said [color=red]"Sorry You had to witness that. Where was I, oh yes! Seems like quite a downgrade from staring in a hit movie to brown nosing it as a supporting character on a inactive Jcink roleplay forum. But hey, a man has got to do what a man has got to do, and if it means being fucked in the ass with a 6 foot dildo.... well I will enjoy it.. as I hoped you enjoyed this roleplay sample. As you admins look over this app, be so kind as to remember it is your lord commander David who wrote it... and yes, he made me say that. Paid good bucks too... promised me free will to swear and be crude all I want on the site.. couldn't pass that up. X knows I hate being gagged"[/collor]


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<b>Full Name:</b> Wade Winston WIlson
<b>Nicknames:</b> Avocado, Weapon XI(Thanks Sony), Merc With a Mouth
<b>Age:</b> 30
<b>Codename:</b> Deadpool
<b>Occupation:</b> Badass
<b>Sexuality:</b>I Like Big Butts and I can not lie!
<b>Hometown:</b> I'm just a kid from Brooklyn
<b>Member Group:</b> Rogue
<b>Face Claim:</b>Ryan Reynolds
<div class="cttwchall7">David| Many | Eastern| PM David</div>
<div style="width: 400px; position: relative; left: 510px; top: -10px;"><a href="http://cttw.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=1812" style="font-size: 10px; color: #88ABC2; text-align: right;">●</a><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=12916" style="font-size: 10px; color: #88ABC2; text-align: right;">●</a></div>
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