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Age (In numbers): 80
Occupation: Professor (Founder of XSFGC & X-men)
Codename: Professor X
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Quote: Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn't mean they're lost forever. Sometimes, we all need a little help
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Charles Xavier


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P. Charles Xavier</div>
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<b>Telepathy</b> : Charles has a possibly the most powerful mind in the world, and is considered a class 4 mutant, with very few mutants who could outmatch him (Jean Grey while unleashing her Pheonix powers and Apocolypse are the only known mutants to overpower him when he was not being weakened by Human technology.) He can project his thoughts into anothers mind, Project images of himself, control a persons actions, read their thoughts, for lack of a better description can freeze time, he can form a mental link with someone, can erase memories and can even kill with his mind (though he does not use that power)

<p>Without Cerebro, his reach is limited, however with it he can stretch his mind over the whole world, sensing both Human and Mutants alike.

<p><b>Genius Intelect<b>: He is a smart cookie. The lead authority on all things mutant , he also has the smarts to lead, devise plans and other things assosiated with being a Leader of the X-Men and a Professor.
<p>Neuro inhibitor: Created by William Stryker, it can create a barrier around his mind not allow him to exit it.
<p>He is paralysed from the waist down and can not walk, thus making his mind his only weapon, and if attacked physically with not enough time to do some mind magic, he is easily beaten.

Charles is a a very laid back man. Something that tends to happen when you reach senior age, are a professor, and can read everyone's thoughts... also when you end up in a wheelchair. While once Xavier was a man of action, he has settled back into his role of rolemodel. He is calm, collected, and helpful, always looking to help those who need it. he is never one to rush into anything, and is always a man with a plan. He is a great leader, a great mind, a great professor and a great Mutant.

Xavier was born in England before the 2nd world war. He began to show his powers around puberty and learned to grow with them on his own. When he was a preteen, during the war, he took in a young mutant by the name of Raven. They became best friends, almost like siblings, and she was constantly by his side as he went through college. Charles was about protecting and helping her, so he insisted she hide her mutation from others, and got quite full of himself for many years.

<p>When he was in his late 20's he was approached by Moria McTaggert who inquired upon him the existance of mutants. That lead to a CIA funded program who later called themselves the X-Men.. lead by Charles Xavier now known as Professor X, and his counterpart/Best friend, Erik known as Magneto. THe original Xmen, the first class if you will, consisted of Mystique, Havoc, Beast and Banshee. THey did not last long however because after Erik killed the man who had tortured him years before and killed his mother, he broke apart from the xmen, and took a few mutants with him including Mystique. It was in this confrontation that Erik deflected a bullet which hit CHarles' spine, paralyzing him.

<p>CHarles then started a school for mutants, but it was later closed down for all his professors and students went to war once again. It was in this time that Charles took a drug which made him loose his powers but gain control of his legs. He would have continued like this and thus allowed the Mutant extinction occur in 50 years if not for the wolverine (whom had traveled back in time to stop this extinction). They worked together with Erik and Beast (with a quick cameo by Quicksilver) to stop Mystique from setting the chain of events and helped make Mutants heroes instead of villains. Thus changing the timeline forever.

<p>Charles reopened his school and worked alongside Hank (beast) and a few others to teach his children. Soon new students joined such as Scott Summers (Cylops and Havoc's brother) Kurt and Jean Grey. A new threat arose, and the Xmen had to form again, except this time only a few of the orginals remained. Mystique joined them, as did Beast. Charles was taken hostage by Apocalypse and the evil mutant tried to take his body and powers. He was foiled by the Xmen, which now included nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Cylops and Jean. They fought, and once joined by Erik again and Storm, they defeated him.

<p>THe rest of the timeline and the changes made by Wolverine have yet to settle, however it is known in 2014, Charles his head of his school still, the Xmen are still alive, mutants prosper, and Wolverine teaches History. All is well.

"As you can see, there are multiple theories on how the universe came into being. Many tend to sway towards String Theory, while others prefer their Quantum Loop theory. Now I would like a paper on my desk monday which explains which theory you sway towards, be sure support your answer as always. You are all dismissed, and please.... try to enjoy yourselves this weekend. Childhood is one of the many blessings of life, and you should all enjoy it before you grow old like me." Charles addressed his students, a smile on his face. It brought the old man great joy in helping to guide the youth of this generation to better understandings of life as we know it. It joyed him even further that they were all Mutants whom were now safe and could learn to control their powers safe from any human racism.

<p>Charles was old, older than most mutants were, however he felt like he still had a mission on this earth, a reason for living, and it was not his feud with Erik that kept him here... it was that he was a helping hand a guiding hand, to both human and Mutant kind alike.. and he planned on seeing this duty through till the bitter end. Maybe the humans would still turn on them, maybe their would be a war like Erik had said, yet Charles had hope...Mutants and Humans could co-exist with ease one day... he just knew it


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<b>Full Name:</b> Charles Xavier
<b>Nicknames:</b> Professor X
<b>Age:</b> 80's
<b>Codename:</b> Professor X
<b>Occupation:</b> Dean of XSFTG
<b>Sexuality:</b> Hetero
<b>Hometown:</b> Wales
<b>Member Group:</b> Mutants
<b>Face Claim:</b> Patrick Stewart
<div class="cttwchall7">David| A lot | Eastern| PM David</div>
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