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Codename: Supergirl
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Quote: Yes, but, it also stands for a Kryptonian phrase, our family motto. "El mayarah." It means, "Stronger together." You say people will see me the way they see Superman one day, but... I don't want to be a hero like him. My cousin, he's so used to going it alone, he doesn't know any other way. But I do. I see it now. You, Winn, my sister, Ms. Grant even, you've all showed me that. James, part of being your own man is knowing when to accept help.
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Kara Danvers

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Apr 19 2016, 10:03 PM
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Kara Zor-El came from Krypton with a mission to protect her cousin, and even survive the destruction of her home planet. Krypton. After sleeping 24 years in the Phantom Zone, she discovers that her cousin Kal-El had grown up. And became Superman. Still 13 years old when she arrived, she was taken in by the Danvers family. Now going by the name Kara Danvers. Her adoptive parents would be able to help her with her. It gave her a family, and a sister. Jeremiah, Eliza, and Alex. <p>

Becoming Supergirl started with going public. When Kara saved a plane that her adoptive sister was on. Going through the many challenges and experiences that would teach her how to get better with helping people. And being a hero. Kara has the help of people she cares about. .<p>

<p>Friends: Kara really doesn't have a hard time making friends. She is a good kind hearted person. She means well, and likes to help people. Her friends Winn, James, Hank, and a few others that includes Barry when they first met. Now that two Earth's collide and merged she had a chance at meeting others that are like minded as well as heart. She carries a hope and her families motto "El mayarah." that means stronger together. She loves making new friends!
<p>Enemies: Kara has many enemies that her mother had sentenced to prison. Every prisoner of Fort Rozz with the exception of one hates her mother. And further more hates Kara. She has enemies that stems from her mother. One from her cousin that wanted to kill her because of him and their relation. And a few of her own. Like Livewire, and Silver Banshee. She definitely has more than enough enemies, and certain to make more.
<p>Lovers: Kara loves James Olsen. She is also aware that her best friend Winn has feelings for her. However, I am currently going to hold off on naming any possible finals for her. So, plotting potential can help push in this area or not. If there is a love interest that is plotted this will be updated when that time comes. For now, plot and lets see.


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<div style="width: 180px; text-align: center; font-family: arial; word-spacing: 2px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #000; font-size: 8px; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: 2px; ">24, Personal Assistant/DEO Agent, Hero, Supergirl, Hopeful, Smart</div>


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Kara Danvers</div>
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Kryptonian Physiology: Like all Kryptonians, Kara possesses the power to absorb the light and radiation of stars, specifically those in the yellow spectrum. Her body is constantly absorbing and storing energy from Earth's yellow sun, which in turn grants her incredible powers, such as superhuman strength, senses, invulnerability, and even flight.<p>
Solar Energy Absorption: Kara is able to absorb solar energy from the yellow sun.<p>
Super strength: Kara is much stronger than a normal human, able to lift and carry many times her weight, and her physical attacks are much stronger. This is a result of both Earth's weaker gravity and exposure to the yellow sun. She has been shown to be strong enough to stop Maxwell Lord's bullet train that was stated to move at a speeds over mach one. Even more noticeable, she was able to lift the key to Kal-El's Fortress of Solitude with relative ease, containing a million tons of a condensed white dwarf star.<p>
Super speed: Kara is able to move at incredible speed. She is able to move much faster than a normal human and is close to the speed of Barry Allen, a speedster capable of running up to Mach 3.3.<p>
Flight: Kara is able to fly, including high up above and beyond Earth's atmosphere, into outer space. She has been stated and shown flying at speeds approaching Mach 2 (686 m/s).<p>
Invulnerability: Kara is resistant to nearly any form of physical attacks or damage that would kill or severely injure a normal human.<p>
Accelerated healing factor: Kara is able to heal much faster than a normal human would.<p>
Super hearing: Kara has hearing more sensitive and acute than an average human. She was able to hear her boss talking, while inside the elevator and in her office. This ability was once again seen when she was able to hear a broadcast at 50,000 Hz.<p>
Super breath: Kara is able to exhale powerful gusts of air from her mouth. She can also cause the temperature of her breath to drop, therefore able to freeze nearly anything.<p>
X-ray vision: Kara is able to see through all solid objects made of any material; except for lead. She is thus also able to see within the bodies of all living, organic beings.<p>
Heat vision: Kara is able to shoot concentrated blue heat beams out of her eyes. She can also control the temperature and intensity of the beams.<p>
Immunity: Like all Kryptonians, Kara is immune to all forms of diseases and illnesses.<p>
Telepathic Immunity: Like all Kryptonians, Kara is immune to all forms of telepathy.<p>
Immunity to Weight Gain: Kara can eat whatever she wants and not gain any weight. <p>


Multilingual: Kara is capable of fluently speaking English and her native Kryptonese. <p>


Kara possesses all the typical weaknesses of a super-powered Kryptonian.<p>

Green Kryptonite: Like all Kryptonians, Kara can be weakened by green kryptonite, as it is a radioactive mineral from her home planet Krypton. Green Kryptonite leaves her vulnerable to weapons and anything in general that can kill a normal human. If she is exposed to it for too long, it will kill her.<p>
Red Kryptonite: Like all good Kryptonians, if Kara is exposed to red kryptonite, it gradually destroys her inhibitions. Gradually she will be left without morality, rationality, or any cares whatsoever. Left with only malice, pride and wrath, Kara will become malevolent and prone to hostility and aggression, making her a danger to everyone around her.<p>
Lead: Kara can not see through lead, even with her X-ray vision.<p>
Red sun energy: The energy from a red sun is known to be the Kryptonian's natural sun and therefore, exposure to it will strip them of their powers, rendering them equivalent to an ordinary human on Earth.<p>
Extreme energy: Extreme amounts of energy can be enough to kill Kara.<p>
Solar energy depletion: Using her powers to its maximum for an extended period can significantly drain her solar energy to the point where Kara loses all of her powers and is rendered more human like for at least a day. This renders her as weak as a human, allowing Kara to get injured and killed as easy as killing a human.<p>
Magic: Like all Kryptonians, Kara can be affected by most forms of magic like any ordinary human. This is because her powers are derived from her natural physiology, not from the supernatural.<p>
Super hearing: Though considered a strength, Kara's hearing does have its disadvantages. Since her hearing is more sensitive than a normal human, higher pitch noises (sonic screams, etc.) can disorient her and cause pain in her ears, leaving her vulnerable in a fight. <p>


Supergirl suit: Kara wears a suit as her super-heroine alter-ego, Supergirl, to hide her identity from her enemies, when she goes out fighting crime. It was designed by Winn Schott, it is also unknown what materials it is made from. <p>

Lead lined glasses: As a teenager Kara was given a pair of lead lined glasses to help her control her visual powers. <p>


Kara has always been the type of person who is driven on helping others. Even when she was young, and still on Krypton. Still keeping that drive to do the right thing even in the midst of being sent away to protect her cousin Kal El on planet Earth. While she had made Earth her new home, and the humans there her family; Kara still misses her home world, and the family she lost in its destruction. <p>

Kara grew up in a loving family. Given every opportunity for a normal life that her cousin had been given. She was very grateful for the family she had been adopted by. And she had a older sister she formed a bond with; and looked up too. Even as she missed everything, and dealt with being different on a world different from her own. She was lucky for the family, people that knew about her; and helped her through all the things she would go through as a Kryptonian. The people who had helped her cousin, and been trusted by Kal El to take her in their lives.<p>

Kara had been told many times by various people in her life that she had always had the heart of a hero. From her mother Alura; to even her Aunt Astra, who had changed and not for the best. Even others have told her that she had been a hero long before she put the S on. <p>

She has always been kind, caring, selfless, intelligent, possesses a strong sense of justice, among with honor and good moral. But she knows she is far from perfect. She is fully aware that she is still learning who she is; and what being supergirl means to her. Kara feels the guilt and remorse for the mistakes she makes that get people hurt. Even when those mistakes or actions are when she is not completely herself. Being a new superhero, she is not as confident as her cousin. Kara is also learning that her short tempered and strong emotions sometimes get the best of her.<p>


Kara is a Kryptonian that was born on Krypton. She had also had lived there before it's destruction. Born a member of the family in the House of El. Kara Zor-El is the daughter of Zor-El and Alura Zor-El. For thirteen years Kara had lived on her home planet. Had friends, and her family. Even looking forward to life with her baby cousin Kal-El, who had been born much closer to the moment of Krypton's destruction. Which she had found out about it from her Aunt Astra when her aunt had expressed what has kept her away. Kara had been close to her Aunt Astra, and many nights were spent with her learning the names of the stars. <p>

Kara had also wait up for her mother to return home after work, only to find out that she had been held up at the Citadel to sentence a Hellgrammite. Kara saw her mother as a hero, who was helping people. As her mother was a Judicator (judge) who had the job of putting criminals to justice for their crimes. That not all of them were from Krypton, but other worlds. Planets. This made Kara want to help people as well. To be a hero like her mother one day.<p>

With the coming destruction of the planet. Jor-El and Lara Jor-El put into motion of sending their infant son Kal El to planet Earth where he would be safe. This of course directed Zor-El and Alura to also send Kara off with Kal El to protect her infant cousin on the new planet that would be their home. Only that didn't go as planned. After a heart felt goodbye. Knowing what she was leaving behind, and losing. She still set off on the mission given to her. A purpose that would give her the strength to brave through the unknown. However, the shock wave that the destruction of planet Krypton sent her pod of its course to Earth, and into the Phantom Zone. A place she would be stuck in for twenty four years, until being awakened by Indigo, a Coluan previously known as Brainiac 8. She was deemed the most dangerous prisoner ever sentenced to Fort Rozz had taken over the pod, and activated the engines of the pod as well as Fort Rozz's to escape the Phantom Zone.<p>

When her pod crash landed on planet Earth, Kara still appeared as a thirteen year old girl. As time didn't pass in the phantom zone. And she was found by her cousin Kal El, who is known as Clark Kent; Superman. He had grown up and became a hero of Earth. After being found by him, he had taken her to a small town of Midvale. A pair of scientist Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers, who had once helped him understand his own abilities. Being taken in by the Danvers gave her a family. A sister, Alexandra. Who would look after her as well. Despite her own insecurities that come from taking in someone from another planet, who has extraordinary abilities. Only Kara too had her insecurities and sense of being misplaced being on a different planet.<p>

Kara had gone to Midvale High School along with her adoptive sister Alex. She was freaked out by her new world along with her developing powers. They would come on strong and overwhelm her. Because Krypton didn't have birds, Kara had embarrassed Alex by staring at the birds flying around at the beach. It was interrupted by a car crash that was close by, and Kara ran to the rescue saving a mother and her infant. When it exploded, Alex was injured. Kara didn't take this well. After that Jeremiah and Kara decided that it was best for Kara to hide her powers. And to help her out Jeremiah had given her a pair of eyeglasses that are lined with lead to help her control her visual powers. <p>

There were other moments where she had been advised to not use her powers. Even when she was told to not listen in when it was urgent for her and Alex to go upstairs. Due to the nature of the situation and how close an organization was insisting on taking Kara in their custody. Jeremiah agreed to work for them; using his knowledge. The next twelve years she decided the world didn't need another hero. So, living a normal life. Kara got a job at Catco Worldwide Media as the personal assistant to Cat Grant, founder and CEO of Catco. Which was when she met Winn Schott, nearly injuring him in the process. Even with his warning about Cat's personality, she eventually with the use of her powers to work what she could offer Cat Grant as her personal assistant; got the job on the spot.<p>

It was saving the plane that her adoptive sister, Alex is on that made her come out to the public. And enjoying the feel of doing something good, her adoptive sister had given her every reason that she should have been careful and not use her powers. But, it was given a great deal of news coverage. Eventually given the name Supergirl, which Kara was upset about it. Her coming out gained the attention of those that had sabatoged the plane. She told the only person she could trust her secret. Winn had helped with suiting her up, while assisting in giving her situations that she could do some good with. Which got her into the position of finding out that her sister is an Agent with D.E.O (Department of Extra-Normal Operations) and that it was because of her that Fort Rozz escaped the Phantom Zone with her pod.<p>

Vartox, one of the Fort Rozz escapees she would face. In getting injured, it gave DEO a piece of the metal from Vartox weapon. In the end, Kara's adoptive sister came to her stating that the world needs her to fly. After the message from a AI version of her mother, she returned to DEO base with Alex insisting that she is given a chance to fix this. Hank agreed by responding with win. Kara did win that battle with Vartox. She also became an Agent/Asset to DEO. Under going training, among other things to help her readiness to everything that they may have to face.<p>

Kara was learning over a time period that she had taken on too much, too soon when making mistakes in the process of her helping people. While she questioned whether or not she put the S on too soon; she took the criticism and turned it around to fixing it. Starting small, and get better. Kara didn't do it alone, she seeks help from Winn, and James. Who both know about her, and believe in her. She finds out that her Aunt Astra is alive when she finds Alex, who was abducted by the Hellgrammite. At the DEO Base, Kara was shown a room that had been set up for her to communicate with the A.I. that had been sent with her pod.<p>

Kara didn't want to be the reasons for James getting fired, so she agreed to the interview with Cat Grant after some time to think about everything. And during her pep-talk with James. She had carried Cat's car to a remote location for it. Eventually, during the interview it had come out that she is Superman's cousin; as she had blurted out that no one ask her cousin questions like the one's she is being asked. Not long after revealing she is superman's cousin, she gets attacked by Reactron. Who wishes to kill her in order to get his revenge on Superman. When Maxwell Lord was kidnapped, she goes to save him after finding out where his hideout is. Only she gets badly injured, and saved by her cousin because James had called for help. At the party, Reactron crashes it in hopes to kill Supergirl. Kara then defeats him after covering her hand in lead, so that she can encase the power core when removing it so that it doesn't meltdown and explode.<p>

Kara endures a great deal of challenges as she faces off with a new villain. Whether it is a woman that she had saved Leslie, who turned into Livewire. A bomber, who was merely a person used to test Supergirls skills. Maxwell, who had been the one behind a few challenges from the bomber, to someone who was made to look like Kara named Bizarro, and his making a Red Kryptonite that would destroy her inhibitions when she has contact with it. Which he eventually came up with a way to reverse its affects on her. Kara didn't like that side of her, and knowing that was there scared her. Even more so, she lost the faith of the people through the actions from the Red Kryptonite. Other challenges she had faced was Red Tornado. A combat android that Sam Lane wanted to test against Supergirl. After it goes rogue, Kara defeats it. Due to the fact that she had depleted herself in the fight with Red Tornado, she finds that she is helpless without her powers, after cutting herself on some glass when she picks it up. Kara does come around to ways to help without her powers, until she gets them back finally.<p>

Kara is not opposed to people helping her. Whether it is to help her become the hero she is meant to be. Or it is to help her through a situation that has over powered even the girl of steel. She is a firm believer in being stronger together. Even though she has an understanding while some choose to work alone. One of the many times that she had fallen vulnerable is when a mysterious plan attacks her. Called the Black Mercy. It takes her in a dreamlike state. And if it wasn't for her Aunt Astra going to her Alex to help her. In this state, Kara was taking back to Krypton. It had not been destroyed. While she was succumbing to the dream, Alex tapped in to help her. Kara eventually came to. Rejecting the dream. She went after Non as soon as she was revived from the state she was in. Kara made it to Astra before her death, and upon her aunts death they mended their blood bond. She is also made to believe that Hank was responsible for her aunts death, only to protect her relationship to Alex.<p>

Often times doing good can hit points of when it is over done by the hero. Kara had learned that lesson slowly. Seeing that sometimes the punishment doesn't always match the crime itself. And be seen as far more then doing justice; but taking over by the power of. When a Fort Rozz guard becomes a vigilante who kills alien fugitives. It is a prisoner whose crimes didn't deserve execution, and they had served their time. Got their lives together. Which this even makes her question if she could have turned her Aunt Astra around.<p>

Back at work, Kara has some competition in Cat Grant's new assistant Siobhan Smythe. When a hacker that turns out to be Indigo. Kara stops Indigo's plan to destroy National City with a nuclear missile. And tried to give Winn enough time to get a virus ready to deliver to Indigo. After learning that they were stronger together after refusing to return to the DEO, she eventually does. Only to be told by Alex that it was her that killed Astra, not Hank. <p>

While trying to win back National City's Trust, Colonel Harper begins an investigation into Hank. Who had to show his true identity J'onn J'onzz. Kara finally tells Lucy that she is Supergirl after learning that Hank and Alex are on their way to Project Cadmus. And she convinces Lucy to help rescue them. Kara learned from Hank, who had learned Jeremiah is still alive. <p>

Kara learns that Siobhan has the power to sonic scream when she tries to get revenge on her for getting her fired. She was saved from her fall by Barry Allen, who goes by The Flash. Finding that what he could do was so cool, and getting instant friend. They team up to take care of her problem with Siobhan, now calling herself Silver Banshee. And newly freed Livewire. In her attempt to save people, it earned back the peoples trust. Who in turned helped her in the end. National City Police Department also gained a place suitable to put people who have powers with Barry's help.<p>


In spite of the calm that she felt in flight. She had a great deal on her mind. Saving and protecting people. The fact that Jeremiah Danvers is still alive. Unsure of what is being done to him all this time. She really wanted to do more in the process of finding him. And getting him home. But she also knew the threats out there. There were threats she didn't know. Then there is her Uncle Non. <p>

Kara was trying to prove to some people that believed her to be a threat, that she is only there to help people. She was taken in by a human family. She had made Earth her new home after her home was destroyed. She was not the kind of Kryptonian that her Uncle is. Her Aunt Astra might have been. But deep down she believed if given time to work with her aunt - she could have turned her around. At least Astra and her had mended their blood bond before she died. She just wished it wasn't too late before there was a remote change in her aunt. <p>

While it was calming to her. A free feeling that comes from flying over the city below. Her mind managed to address things she would otherwise stress over. It was a sense of therapy for her. She could hear the people in the city, and beyond. Everything from the family all having a good time playing a game. Enjoying their family game night. A couple celebrating the news of having a baby on the way. <p>

The sound of a vehicle accident pulled her from enjoying the more ambient and joyful sounds of the city, and the people in it. Giving herself a punch up in the speed she was going to get to the accident location faster, as she could not hear the sounds of the paramedics, and emergency personnel yet. <p>


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<b>Full Name:</b> Kara Danvers (Zor-El)
<b>Nicknames:</b> Kara, Supergirl, Girl of Steel
<b>Age:</b> Twenty Four
<b>Codename:</b> Supergirl
<b>Occupation:</b> Personal assistant (CatCo Worldwide Media), D.E.O. Agent
<b>Sexuality:</b> Heterosexual
<b>Hometown:</b> Midvale (When adopted by Danvers Family), Krypton (Home Planet)
<b>Member Group:</b> Heroes
<b>Face Claim:</b> Melissa Benoist
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