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Dominic Auditore

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Mar 26 2016, 09:37 AM

Heroes Union Home

This RP takes place in a world very similar to ours with a history that is, while flexible, relatively the akin to the world we know. However, there are some key differences that are important for you to know so you can create a character that mixes well with this Earth's history:

While superpowers have been a given throughout history, more have started cropping up in the past century. Because of this, while cities are still largely non-Meta (approximately only 10% of the world population has superhuman abilities), the general populace knows about superhumans.

There has always been crime and acts of heroism committed by Metas - however, the concept of well-known heroes and villains is a relatively new one.The year is 2080, and the Union has only been around since 2040, after a few close calls forced heroes to ban together. Before this, heroes had mostly been resigned to only protecting their own towns.

The Union is an international force, and they have some galactic heroes in their midst.

The Union does not really have a "leader", but rather a council that will consist of seven.

Alien life, while new, is mostly accepted so long as this species doesn't seem to want blood running in the streets.

Magic is also okay, though not widely believed in. Magic is allowed so long as there is balance.

300+ word|OCs Welcome
Mar 13 2016, 03:49 PM
From his connection with the government, he had to save some tech getting shipped over the Docks. Dominic thinks its something he had to help.

Lift. Hold. Drop. The instructions were simple enough, although his arms shook with the effort of taking his weight and getting his body against the ceiling and parallel to the roof was a near-impossibility. He didn’t know what they’d laced their weapons with, but until he had a moment to concentrate on it, if he was going to be seeing double, making his aim all but worthless.

Oh well. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Of course, having maneuvered himself into this position he probably could have dealt with whatever mind altering substance was running through his veins, but it would probably have resulted in his screaming a lot and involuntary muscle spasms and his ending up writhing on the floor, which was not a dignified look for a crime fighting vigilante and would likely get him his arse handed to him to boot. By boots, in fact. It wouldn’t be the first time and despite his talents
Dominic was sure it wouldn’t be the last; he was good, but he wasn’t that good. His ability to win lay as much in being willing to kill as it was in being physically capable of killing. It was in reputation as well, and Winter Bat's reputation was rising by the hour. It would rise more, after tonight.

Lift. Hold... and he jumped of the bridge and landed on the roof.

The timing was perfect, of course. It had to be to take out the goons below him. Nobody ever looked up, even Dominic neglected it sometimes, and few people looked down; part of hunting successfully lay in concealment, and the best places to hide were those where people didn’t look. It was why the enemy from above tactic worked so well, why parachute regiments hadn't came yet. And if,
in those places, you could keep from moving, all the better. Humans picked up movement the way sharks picked up blood in the water, it was an evolutionary thing: those that spotted the threat survived (usually), those that didn’t... well, they didn’t.

Obviously this message hadn’t been passed on to goons of any kind, though, because even twitching like the curtains of the neighborhood busy body he was able to literally get the drop on a trio of terrified twenty­ something's whose only real crime, if you call it that, was not saying no when this job came calling. Knowing that sort of thing made it hard to be a hero sometimes, it’d be
much easier if everything was black and white and there were no shades of grey. But the shades meant that Dominic had to let people like these three at least try and make amends before he put an bullet in them.

Immediately they fired at him. So much to being the nice vigilante.

After Dominic ran through three people who were on the top deck, he then jumps over the railing onto a deck filled with seven guards. Solomon turned and heavy booted the assailant back from the fight. The man hit the canister indenting it, and breaking his spine killing him. Quickly, Dominic removed his
sword, slicing the two guns out of its wielders hands . With no hands the criminals collapsed from the sight of their hands flying. Two more tried to handle things with hand to hand combat. However Dominic outclassed them easily, blocking all the income punches and kicks. He then went in synch between two more, from kneecaps to thigh, then to face knocking them out cold. One man was coming over from far away and Dominic quickly, twirled into the air, tossing his and ammunition disc towards the man as another charged at him with a knife.

A knife wielding man moved for a kidney strike, but the blow was blocked by Winter's gauntlet as it came back to him. With his free right hand, Solomon grabbed his new opponent by the wrist, stepped inward, and kicked into the man's leg, collapsing him at the knee. With him off balance, Dominic used superior force to bring his knife toting limb backward, leading to the man getting stabbed in the shoulder with his own weapon, as he sliced is throat.

As he finished he heard a voice in Russian speaking to him saying, "Don't Move!!"
Mar 11 2016, 11:25 PM

Name: Josiah Briggs goes by Briggs
Codename: Manhunter
Age: Anywhere between 21 and
Gender: Male
Canon tie: N/A
Alignment/team: Neutral (Will Join Dom's team called the Danger Squad)
Abilities/skills: Expert in Martial Arts, Archery/Marksmanship, Parkour specialist, Espionage, Dancing
Sexual/romantic orientation: Heterosexual
Claim: Chris Brown
Wanted for: He's Dom's best friend. They do everything together, for the most part at least. Dom's right hand man.

Jace Banks

Name: Jessica Rodriguez
Codename: N/A
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Canon tie: N/A
Alignment: Civilian
Abilities/skills: Hacking, and anything that has to do with computers
Sexual/romantic orientation: Heterosexual
Claim: Nicki Minaj
ALTERNATIVE CLAIM: Dej Loaf or Crystal Westbrooks (I couldn't choose)
Wanted for: Dominic's love interest Jessica is the IT girl at Auditore Industries, and a graduate of MIT class of 2009. Jessica is an intelligent, ambitious, hard-working, and tech-savvy woman who is highly confident in her computer skills. Though she doesn't go looking for trouble, she is also not one to back away from danger, particularly when there is a mystery waiting to be solved. But is also a jocular, socially-awkward nerd. She has a habit of babbling without censoring herself, and usually does so using innuendos with sexual connotation. This happens when she is nervous, particularly in the presence of authority figure or those she finds attractive. Her trademark babbling often results in her feeling embarrassed, so she tries to backtrack and explain herself, which only contributes to her rambling. But despite her tendency to babble, she isn't afraid to give voice to her opinions, and she always stands her ground unwavering when she knows she's in the right. Jessica uses humor in any type of situation, especially darker ones where her comical yet positive outlook on life usually relieves the tension. One of her strongest attributes is her ability to surprise others that underestimate her.

Name: Lucas Barnes
Codename: Black Dragon
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Canon tie: N/A
Alignment: Neutral (will join the [strike]band of misfits[/strike] Danger Squad)
Abilities/skills: Master Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Tracking, Knife Throwing, Acting
Sexual/romantic orientation: Heterosexual
Claim: Jacquees or Kirko Bangz
Wanted for: Literally his Partner in Crime. Most Days
Mar 11 2016, 11:10 PM

Dominic Cage-Auditore is a singing superstar, vigilante, and the heir to Auditore Industries (a multimillion dollar company) only to protect where he lives. Dominic is not your average playboy millionaire heir, that much I can tell you (compared to young Oliver Queen at least).

FRIENDS: Dominic is quite friendly with those he deems to befriend though he mostly operates alone, he still hasn't to learned to "share", which is a bit hard to do. That said, he is alway serious about completing his assignments and would not hesitate at being more blunt than the tip of a bat. In short summary, he doesn’t take bs from anyone, which is why his grandfather asked to be his advisor. It's like he can smell the bs a mile away..He has major 'trust issues', as is not easy to gain his trust, no matter who you are. Though he tries to see the best in everyone. If you think your character could be an ally for this dark spirited playboy, be my guest.

ENEMIES: Oh, he has no shortage of enemies. Living as he has over the years, and gaining his parents and grandfather's legacies of doing what God knows what does do get you a healthy amount of nemesis and people who hate him and his families guts. He is eager to see them and is willing to take them all on, ending all problems either in death or deal. So anyone who wants to have a piece of him is invited and heavily encouraged. Mercenaries, Assassin clans and even some people in the government all can pick a number and wait in line together to touch him.

LOVE: Dominic because of his life, under the mask and not under the mask), has always had problems with relationships. He was always to busy. Since he's been a hero since childhood, he's always been to occupied with that work at all times. Then being a singer took it higher. He has a crush on the IT girl, anyone want info PM me (and look at the want ad), but can do some flirting, or one night stand.
Feb 29 2016, 02:16 PM
Docks, North Market District CHICAGO IL
▌ January 16 18:00 CPT

The cool air of the night brushed against young man’s skin, giving a brisk cold feel the flesh that was hidden behind the suit he wore. His dark brown eyes glimmered out from beneath the black helmet that covered his face. Solomon Cage aka Winter Bat had been tracking this lowly street thug for a few days now, making a blue print of his patterns if you will. Johnny “Snake eyes” Randal was a low rung enforcer to Michael “Too Tough” Stenson who watched over one of the many of strip clubs that his boss owned. The hero had constantly kept tracked of the man through many tactics from physically tracking him to electronically monitoring him. Solomon needed information from the man on the new shipment that his boss was getting at the docks in a day or two, as it was rumored to be highly developed, biological weapon. Watching as the man slipped into through the front of now closed strip club, man also known Winter Bat smirked.

Closed, solo, and near darkness… all three worked for the vigilante. Leaping from his perch high atop a neighboring office building, Winter Bar glided down to the lower rooftop, landing with a nearly inaudible thud. His dark brown eyes narrowed as he studied his surroundings, peering through night-vision lenses embedded in his mask. A smile crossed his lips as he found what he was looking for, the electrical box that allowed someone to access the security system. Pulling out a small electrical charge, he slaps to the metal box and moved back, watching as the energy surged with arcs of electricity, disrupting and shutting down the power. Total darkness… even better. Solomon opened the door, and slipped into the pitch black stairwell, his night vision enhancing what little light there was to near clarity.

He took two steps at time, descending into the “lion’s den” as it were, pausing at the corner. Taking a quick peek around the corner, he found his target as he moved towards the stairwell with him. Another smirk crossed the vigilante’s lips. This was going to be a lot easier than originally thought. Pulling back, he pressed back against the wall, his muscles tightening, gathering all the strength they could in the small amount of time. His target then cursed.

”Damn power junction. I told da’ boss he needed to get a new one. “His thoughts were cutoff as he rounded the corner, finding the black clad vigilante leaping out of the shadows. “What the…..!” Solomon had him pinned against the wall, gasping for breath before he could finish that thought.

”Your boss Johnny,…. When is he planning on having delivered to the docks and when?”

”I ain’t telling ya nothing!”

”Tell me…..”He pulled his face closer, his eyes glinting intensely in the light coming from the fish tank. “Or you might be sleeping with the fishes.” Winter motioned towards the tank. He knew that there was anything dangerous in the glass container, but the lowlife. Watching as Johnny swallowed hard, Solomon watched as he nodded before leaning in and whispering everything he knew. Smirking once more, he gave the thug a quick jab to the face, knocking him out.

“See? Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? Thanks. “He smirked, before slipping back into the darkness once more, the CPD having arrived thanks to the electrical charge having worn off on the security system.
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