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Codename: Spider-Man
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Peter Parker

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Jan 22 2016, 11:53 AM
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"Bug boy"<br>

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i know i'm bad news i saved it all for you oh i want to teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way

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<h2>19. Eratic. Kind. Egotisticle.</h2>

Peter Parker was abandoned by his parents at a young age because of his fathers work at Oscorp. So Peter grew up wanting to be like his father, and inherited his fathers mind. When he was in his later years at highschool, he was bitten by a mutated spider of his fathers creation, and it gave him superpowers. Once his uncle was killed by a random gunman, Peter began to search the streets for revenge, soon donning a suit, and creating webslingers, becoming the masked vigilante, Spider-Man.

<p>After his battle with the Lizard and him saving New York city, Spider-man was upgraded from Vigilante to Hero. He changed his suit up a little, giving him a lighter look with white eyes instead of black and took to the streets once more as Spiderman

<p>He is unemployed at the moment, not sure if he wants to work for Oscorp or as a photographer. He aids certain heroes at times, but has yet to be approached by shield, as only Gwen Stacy.. his kind of, sort of girlfriend, knows Peter Parker is Spiderman.

<p>Plots wise he is looking for friends and enemies. Perhaps SHIELD contacts him.. perhaps the Avengers? For now though he is an unemployed, taken, 19 year old hero. So plot him up guys!


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<h3>Gwen S</h3> - Kinda sorta girlfriend<br>
<h3> May P</h3> - Aunt


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<h1>Peter & name</h1>

<h2>words here words and things here yessssss okay good a+ this expands infinitely so have fun w it aww yeah</h2>

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<h1>Peter & name</h1>

<h2>words here words and things here yessssss okay good a+ this expands infinitely so have fun w it aww yeah</h2>
Jan 21 2016, 09:09 PM
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Peter Parker</div>
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<b>Superhuman Stength</b> Peter has shown to be stronger than the average human. He can jump higher, farther. He can run faster, punch harder. He has ripped apart guns, alarm clocks, train poles and other things with ease.

<p><b>Superhuman Endurability</b>He can take more damage than most humans. He has been shot in the leg and still been able to run, survive falls from 100 feet without any damage and can survive tasers without any damage. He can also smash into walls at full speed without trouble..

<p><b>Superhuman speed</b> Like Captain America, he can run up to speeding cars.

<p><b>Superhuman Acrobatics</b>Spiderman has shown time and time again he can do flips, roles, swinging and skateboard tricks with ease.

<p><p>Superhuman Stamina</b>He has more stamina than the average human, shown by the fact he could fight Lizard.. track Lizard, fight the police, run from the police, run to Lizard, fight lizard, and still have enough energy to go to the corner store for some eggs.

<p><b>Superhuman Equilibrium</b>Peter can balance on any object.. no matter how big or small.. with as little as two fingers.

<p><b>Superhuman Senses</b>He has heightened senses. He can feel even a drop of water hit his head and wake up because of it.. hear police sirens miles away, as well as other things.

<p><b>Superhuman healing factor</b> Peter Heals at an accelerated rate.

<p><b>Spider Sense</b>: A tingling sensation in Peter's skull warns him of danger, where it is coming from and how to avoid it noted by a subtle "thunk" that sounds like a combination of someone hitting a base drum once immediately followed by a high pitched bell ringing sound. It seems likely that the stronger the tingling, the more imminent and threatening the danger is and that Peter can ignore it through intense concentration, and if he is exhausted or distracted it can lose some effectiveness. This power is passive and not fully controlled by Peter.

<p>Peter is also a genius, skilled combatant and acrobatic.

<p>His weaknesses include his social awkwardness, his loved ones and the fact the most acknowledged power.. webslinging, comes from tech that is easily destroyed.. also the fact he hides this life from everyone around him except for Gwen Stacy.

Peter's personality is erratic. Usually he is quiet and keeps to himself.. so much so in fact when he does socialize with other people he stutters. He also can go on and on about nothing... in fact this one time Peter asked out Gwen.. and spent 5 minutes doing it without even getting.. you know going on and on about nothing until he finally got.. and then this one thing happened and I.. oh sorry.. well thats a prime example of his personality right there.

<p>However when he wears the mask, he is braver. He talks a lot, mostly nonsense, but hilarious nonesense non-the-less. He is also very cocky at times, so beware.

After his parents' disappearance at the age of four, Peter Parker moved in with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Although he was certainly not one of the popular kids, he thrived in most of his studies, particularly science. He had always been attracted to fellow student, Gwen Stacy, who was not only beautiful, but was also the top of their high school class.

<p>Peter was bullied by fellow classmate Flash Thompson fairly often. Flash tried to get Peter to take a picture to humiliate another kid that he was bullying but Peter refused. While trying to see if the bullied student was okay, Flash caught Peter with a right hook, knocking him onto the ground. This lead to a brief fight, broke up by Gwen Stacy.

<p>Peter followed clues suggesting a link to his parents' disappearance to Dr. Curt Connors at Oscorp Industries, where his father used to work. Though Peter did briefly encounter Connors, it was the bite from a genetically altered spider (That got shocked by a radioactive spark of electricity) he recieved after sneaking into a restricted area that would change his life forever. Soon after, Peter found himself blessed with remarkable strength and agility.

<p>These powers would lead him to become the masked hero known as Spider-Man, but because of this, Peter would come home late at night with cuts and bruises, often to his aunt and uncle's questioning toward this. One night when Peter came home late, Ben had been fed up with him always being late, he demanded that Peter apologize to his aunt, only for Peter to storm out of the house, slamming and breaking the glass in the door. Ben went out to look for him, only to be confronted by a man with a gun, who was running from the police. Ben tried to stop the man, but was shot in the stomach.

<p>After Ben's murder, Peter eventually learned through his interacting with his new girlfriend Gwen Stacy and her father Captain Stacy that with great power came great responsibility and as Spider-Man, dedicated his time to helping law enforcement capture and arrest criminals of all kind.

<p>Peter's first great challenge as Spider-Man came partly at his own hands: he helped Connors develop the serum that would eventually lead to his new mentor's transformation into the Lizard, a monstrous cross-species creation that terrorized Manhattan. Peter had already fought the Lizard twice by that time, once in the sewers, while Spider-Man was testing out his camera and the Lizard attacked and tried to kill him, mainly because he did not want the citizens of New York to know of his existence and again at Peter's school, after the Lizard found out that Peter was Spider-Man, he battled him through the hallways of the school while students evacuated, when it looked as though the Lizard was going to kill him, Gwen Stacy intervened and attacked the Lizard with a chair. The Lizard left the school and went back beneath the waters and into the sewers.

<p>Atop Oscorp Tower, the Lizard planned to use a reptilian DNA sample to infect the citizens of New York City with. Spider-Man arrived to stop what Connors was doing, but was stopped himself by the Lizard. The two faced off, resulting in the narrowest of victories for Spider-Man.

<p>As Captain Stacy held off the Lizard, Peter climbed to the device the Lizard was using and planned to install the healing DNA that Captain Stacy had given to him. Unfortunately, Stacy was seriously injured by the beast, as it had impaled Stacy in the chest. Spider-Man eventually stopped Lizard and joined Captain Stacy for his last moments. Stacy admitted that he was wrong about Peter and that city does need him. He warns Peter that with being a superhero, he will make enemies and that people (sometimes closest to him) will get hurt. Before he dies, he made one final remark to Peter: to keep Gwen out of it for her own safety. Peter initially agrees to it, and watches sadly as the captain passes away. Peter attends Captain Stacy's funeral, and ignores Gwen the following days per her father's request. Peter eventually tells Gwen it was over, but she very quickly realizes her father was the reason for this. The following day at school, Peter is told by a teacher not to make promises he cannot keep in response to his tardiness. Peter whispers to Gwen, "but those are the best kind", revealing he would get back together with her, after listening to Uncle Ben's voice message and understanding that he had a responsibility to her as well.

Why, oh why, was Peter doing this? he had made a promise, one he had planned to keep. He had to after all. He was Spiderman, while it was not widely known that he was, his enemies would figure out the man under the mask, and that put those closest to him in danger. Gwen's father had been right, by staying away from her, he was doing her a large favor. She may hate him for it, she may not care that being Spiderman's girlfriend put her in a lot of danger, she may even love him, yet he had to be mature about it. That was why he promised her father as he lay dying that he would stay away from her.

<p>That had been the hardest promise of his life, not only to make, but to keep. He thought it had been hard to promise not to do it, but keeping it was the worst, having to ignore Gwen was really really hard. She was the most beautiful woman in the world to Peter, and not being able to see her... to touch her.. to kiss her... that was really hard on Peter. It was not even like he could date someone else, because it was even harder to keep a whole other life secret from a girl, and it would put her in the same danger it had put Gwen in. He had basically doomed himself to a life of being single because he had made that promise... yet it was worth it for Gwen to be safe.

<p>Why then, was Peter walking down a street with a bunch of flowers in his hand? He just could not keep his promise any more.. was he selfish then? Yes probably. Even though he risked his life every day for the people of New York, he was still being selfish. Yet some promises were meant to be broken, and this promise was one of those promises.

<p>So when someone walked into him and knocked the flowers flying, Peter was both angry and concerned that she was alright. He shrugged off the apology and said simply "Are you alright?" Maybe this was a sign, a sign he was not doing the right thing trying to rekindle his relationship with Gwen... maybe he should wait..


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<b>Full Name:</b> Peter Parker
<b>Nicknames:</b>Bug boy
<b>Age:</b> 19
<b>Codename:</b> Spider-Man (The Amazing one)
<b>Occupation:</b> Unemployed at the moment
<b>Sexuality:</b> Hetero
<b>Hometown:</b> New York City
<b>Member Group:</b> Heroes
<b>Face Claim:</b> Andrew Garfield
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