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Age (In numbers): 29
Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Codename: Gunslinger
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Rachel Warren

S.H.I.E.L.D Agent

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Apr 16 2016, 05:21 PM
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<div class="yo">Katherine Warren is the first born child of Jillian and Troy Warren. Her two younger siblings were Thomas (By 8 years) and Rachel (By 3). Her parents and her bother died in a car crash when she was a teen. Her and Rachel went into foster care, moving from place to place. The two made an insuperable bond, since they were all they had left. They fell into a life of crime to survive this world, and once was arrested. This was where they were aproached by SHIELD. Rachel went to SHIELD, but Katherine got another offer.. from John Garrett, to join Hydra. She did.

<p>During the years Hydra was hidden in SHIELD, Katherine went on multiple missions, but it was one mission with Rachel that changed all the rest. An 0-8-4 that they had to retrieve. This lead to being stuck in a middle eastern city surounded by hundreds of terrorists. They did things both don't wish to think about or repeat. This gained them the name the Gunslinger duo. From that moment on they were always team, and always worked together.

<p>When SHIELD fell, Katherine pleaded that Rachel join Hydra. Rachel refused and they fought. Katherine lost but was shown mercy. She is still a Hydra agent. with one mission above all else. Kill, or turn, her sister.

<p>What she is doing now, the types of missions she went on, her training. the full extent of her training. It is all up to you. I would like her to not have gained any powers to keep her Rachel's equal, but if you so wish for her to have powers, I would not complain. her sexuality is also up to you, as well as anything i have not previously mentioned. Any questions you may have feel free to PM me on my Admin account!

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Jan 26 2016, 10:08 PM
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Rachel was good. Real Good. But not in all meanings of the word. She was real good at her job, her job being a SHIELD agent. She once had been a simple agent, like many others. Then she had gotten the mission that changed her life. The mission with Katherine Warren.. her sister. That had given them both a name.. and rose them above the common rubble. They had been the gunslinger duo. Unmatched in battle when they fought side by side.. however that too came to an end. After Hydra fell and Katherine came out as a traitor, Rachel refused to work with anyone. Phil had tried to team her up with other nameless agents in the past, but she had turned them down.

<p>Rachel Warren was the Gunslinger.. the ONLY Gunslinger. She worked Alone. She had once been outgoing, giddy, flirty and fun. Now she was all business. She no longer looked for love, nor sex, nor anything. She barely noticed peoples looks. All she wanted to do was be alone. She could not work with anyone again.. if her own sister could betray her, anyone else could. She couldn't trust anyone.. at least until she finally found her sister and took her in. Tried to change her.. tied up all loose ends..

<p>So what did Rachel do on her spare time? She worked out and trained. Today she was working out, currently doing bench press's. SHe wore nothing except a sports bra and yoga pants. Every time she pushed up, her chest heaved, her breasts becoming more prounced. she knew people were checking her out, but she did not care. If they touched her, she would fight them off.. she could win too.

</div><div class="tinyvictoire"></div><div class="victoiretitle"><i>Rachel Warren</i></div></div>
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Dec 20 2015, 02:17 PM
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<h1>Rachel Warren</h1>
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<h2>about name</h2>
<div class="jrad1content"><p>
Born the middle child of the Warren Family, Rachel lost most of her family to a car crash, only having her older sister Katherine survive. The two were thrown into foster care, and turned to a life of crime to get what they needed to survive. After 2 years they were caught, but instead of going to jail, they were contacted by SHIELD. They both joined, and Rachel was taught by Phil Coulson (Katherine was taught by John Garret). Rachel gained the name Gunslinger duo with Katherine due to a mission where the two were stuck in terrorist territory and had to fight their way out, which they did. Rachel never really healed from the inhumain stuff they had to do to survive. During the fall of SHIELD she learned her sister was Hydra.. the two fought and she won, though she was not able to kill or bring her sister in, so she let her go.

<p>Now she works alone, and prefers it. She trusts very few people.. actually right about now she truely trusts no one. Shes cold and distant, always putting duty first. It will take a strong person to get through her shell.. are you that strong person?

<p>Her age is 29.. her sexuality.. bisexual.. its anybodies game.. so who's going to nibble the prize first?
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<h2>relationships</h2><div class="jrad1content"><p>
<h3>Katherine Warren</h3> SIster/Enemy <p>
<h3>Phil Coulson</h3> Friend/mentor/father figure <p>
<h3>first last</h3> Relationship discription here


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Dec 19 2015, 07:36 PM
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Rachel J. Warren</div>
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Rachel Possess no powers, however she is very highly trained in multiple forms of martial arts. She also is a weapons specialist, so she can use whatever weapon presents itself, save for very few which are rare. Guns are her number one weapon of choice.. No matter the gun, and she knows how to use them all.. Melee is a fall back, but her sword, spear, Bow and dagger skills are kind of lacking.. A demigod could beat her when she is using those weapons with almost ease if they had enough training.

<p>Her weakness’s include the betrayal she feels because of her sister.. so she finds it hard to trust other people. This means she often works alone.. for if she works with others, she will not trust them with important information, or to watch her back.

Rachel lives within a shell. A shell of coldness. A Shell of duty. She must do this to protect herself, to protect her heart, feelings and to protect her mental soundness. She has lost everything, been betrayed by everyone, so to wear her heart on her sleeve would be a dumb move. However gain her trust, and she will show you her kind side.. her flirty side and perhaps even the side of sorrow and pain.

<p>Rachel Warren was the 2nd of three children belonging to Jillian and Troy Warren. Her two siblings were Thomas Warren, younger by 5 years, and her sister was Katherine Warren... is Katherine Warren, older by three years. The Warren Family lived in DC from the moment Katherine was born, as Troy was a Police officer stationed in DC. They were a nice middle class family, full of love.

<p>That was ripped away from Rachel when she was 14. Her parents and younger brother died in a car crash, thanks to a drunk driver driving too fast on the wrong side of the road. This meant Rachel and Katherine were forced into foster care. This meant the two ending up pretty bad off, resulting to crime to get what they needed, like extra food, clothes, and other items. This lasted for 2 years.

<p>Finally they were caught while shoplifting and arrested, however instead of encountering a police officer in the interrogation room, they encountered an Agent of SHIELD.. Agent John Garret. He offered them a place in SHIELD, which gave them a chance to go straight, so they both agreed. Katherine became Garret's protege, while Rachel got Agent Phil Coulson as her SO.

<p>Her training went on for the next few years, until she was deemed an agent of SHIELD and given a badge. That was when Coulson began being sent on details to notable Avengers such as Tony Stark and Thor. By this time Katherine too was an Agent, and together they got sent on a mission into Iraqi territory to retrieve an 0-8-4. However the information they were given was false, and it had been a trap.

<p>Pinned down by 100 terrorists, Rachel and Katherine had to work together, pushing all their skills to the extreme, and doing a lot of things they they never spoke of again, for it was too inhuman to speak of, to survive. This is how the received the team name the Gunslinger duo. They became a team that day, sent on many missions together.

<p>However when the Fall of SHIELD happened, Katherine came clean, admitting she was Hydra, and pleaded with her sister to join her instead of going down with the ship that was SHIELD. Rachel declined, staying true the organization that saved her, and the two fought. Never before had a battle been so ferocious. Finally though, Rachel knocked Katherine out. However when it came to putting a bullet in her head, Rachel could not bring herself to do it. By now she had lost her parents, her brother, her SO (For Coulson had died prior to the invasion in Manhattan) who she had viewed as one of her closest friends.. and a father figure, and now her Organization. She couldn't kill the last person she loved. SO she walked away, leaving Katherine alive.

<p>She went off on her own for a bit, until she was contacted by SHIELD.. the New SHIELD.. and its new director, Phil Coulson. She was hurt that he never told her he was alive, and still is to this day. However she returned, for she had one mission in mind... getting her sister back.

Rachel stood there, panting, blood dripping down the side of her face from the head wound she had received in the fight. Her head killed her, almost to the point she was going to black out. Her leg also killed from the bullet wound she had received early on in the fight, every inch of her hurt, but most importantly, her heart hurt. No.. correction, her heart felt like it had been torn out of her chest. Here her sister was, the woman she had always looked up to, unconscious at her feet.. so vulnerable. Katherine had never been a SHIELD agent along side her.. the Gunslinger duo had been a lie. Katherine had always been Hydra,, loyal to her SO John Garrett.

<p>And here Rachel was, a gun pointed right at her enemies head. Normally the SHIELD agent would have brought a beaten enemy in for detainment.. however SHIELD no longer existed, and Rachel could barely hold herself up, let alone bring another body with her. So Rachel was left with two options.. Kill her Sister, and last surviving member of the Warren family, save for herself, or walk away. The Gunslinger would have killed Katherine in a heartbeat, as cutting down Hydra was the most important thing to do.. however Katherine was also the Gunslinger... and the last person Rachel loved that was alive.. she could not just kill her.. to kill Katherine was to kill herself.

<p>So with a shaky breath, Rachel sheathed the gun and wiped some dirt from her forehead with the back of her hand, wincing at it hurt her head. "This isn't the last time we will meet Sister" She whispered before turning and limping away.


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<b>Full Name:</b> Rachel Jillian Warren
<b>Nicknames:</b> Rach
<b>Age:</b> 29
<b>Codename:</b> Gunslinger
<b>Occupation:</b> SHIELD Agent
<b>Sexuality:</b> Bi-sexual
<b>Hometown:</b> Washington DC
<b>Member Group:</b> Group Name
<b>Face Claim:</b> Jill Wagner
<div class="cttwchall7">David| Barry, David, Harry, Ray, Grant, Thorn | Eastern | PM David</div>
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