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 Guess who back in town?
Feliks Runde
 Posted: Apr 9 2016, 09:32 PM
N/A years old
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Something had changed in the boy he went from stealing anything he could get a hand to well something different had happened that is. He went from well-being the theft. Someone had gotten through to him and well Spiderman had got through his head finally. But that is in regard to well stealing. That Spiderman has been on his ass too well change but something had clearly snapped in boys brain but whatever it was. What he had not been stealing isn't that great.

As he knelt on the ground with sidewalk chalk that is someone gave it to him. He wore this outfit but most wonder what had happened that is. Maybe Loki did it was hard to say. He was drawing on the sidewalk and well with the chalk it was not sprayed paint and what she drew which might shock most hero this street thug could draw well. It was what in the boy's head. He drew the sun but it was different he drew a unicorn with the horn sticking out of the sun. And well running across the sky and things just got weird in another that he drew a black horse and a frog riding the horse. He was not doing anything he was doing a good job but he was the just street thug but so far it was like he saw someone but was keep quiet it was like he saw the murder or someone but was forever silent. He would then glance up looking around to see if anyone else was watching him but so far he had not done a thing.

As he stood up from the masterpiece he turns someone threw up on them and walk calmly away from them. Well, who it was that was the biggest mystery that is in regard to well the man and well chalk. He knew that this picture would be gone the moment it start to rain. He could tell that so-called hero if they asked what they meant they mean nothing. They just stupid drawing and they have nothing to do with anything that might happen. He would love to see their whole belove tower to blow and everything that came with it maybe what it was like to live on the street. And oh let big crappy building oh let take this and that from people who everyone forgot in the system. Let do that. Oh screw everybody here and they get it sooner or later. He would love to see it blow up in their face.They were never there for him and what did do for him nothing he did mostly everything for himself and well he did not need nobody.

Then he stood up that is he was talking to this woman that is. There was an exchange that is they went behind some bushes and well what he did next he end up a mess with her in the car doing few things. The service he had done got him some money and slowly he walk away he did with the service that is. That is he thought he would enjoy but that was not the case. She enjoys it of course but he did not. He got some money but it was something against the law. He no longer stole anything he was going lower that is. He figures he might as well women who were unhappy with marriages they came to him. Not good he was not stolen anybody can complain that is unless caught by the cop all the same. Unless asked do you feel anything toward the people and the answer no he felt nothing just well that he would good place tomorrow and that was it.
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