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 Work To Do, Tag: Barry
Barry Allen
 Posted: Aug 5 2016, 05:29 PM
Barry Allen
Justice League
"Lightning gave me...abs?"
26 years old
Forensic Scientist for the CCPD
The Flash
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Dodging was a good thing to work on, Barry reflected. He had been good at dodging things like bullets.. or fire.. or debris.. but he had always relied on his speed for that. Oliver was good at dodging and did not have the speed that Barry did, so Felicity was smart to point that out "Yes that would be good. How much do you know on dodging? Would it be best to get Oliver involved? Well I guess not since he is so busy with Darhk.. maybe you will just have to go off of what you have watched Oliver and them do."

Did Barry think Felicity was smarter then all of them? Yes he did. She had the capabilities to do everything Caitlin and CIsco did by herself. She was basically all of team Flash rolled into one person, so it would make sense for her to be able to do what team Flash couldn't. "You've got this Fel! You know it!" not excactly a pep talk, but Barry knew her well enough that he knew she would give herself a more effective pep talk that he ever could. He also knew she didn't need one to do great.

Barry shook his head 'I doubt any person in the future would know the speed force well unless they had access to it. I know I could never release all I know on the Speed Force to the outside world. Not only would it weaken the Flash, it would give away my identity and put Iris and the rest of them in danger. Something I could never do. So I have no idea how THawne figured it out" Was Barry sure about this? No. But he didn't see anyone like him giving out information on something so dear to them.

He just chuckled at her reasonable question and said "Where everyone lives, no drugs are used and I keep a sane mind.. and I would really like to keep my abs and charming good looks" He flashed her a Barry grin

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Felicity Smoak
 Posted: Aug 18 2016, 01:03 AM
"tba later"
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When Felicity had stated the idea about dodging, she wasn't sure how anyone would take it. Sure, dodging bullets, fire, or debris came with the job of dealing with bad guys. But she wasn't sure how easy it would be when someone could throw something just a little bit faster. But then again, Felicity was working within teams that were more than capable of dodging. They had to in order to survive.

"Before all this, not so much. You learn a little something when your being shot at." She started answering him about how much she knew about dodging. It wasn't as easy as Oliver made it out to be. Which is why she trusted him with her life. Did what he said in those situations. But, she was getting better about it where she didn't need anyone to look out for her. But those around her still look after her. It was about as natural as she looking out for them. "When I contact Oliver, I can ask him about it. See if he is available to help out with that. I can help of course." But she wasn't like Oliver in a sense that would help. He knew how unpredictive things could be; and challenge that. "I will do what I can. And maybe if Oliver can work out a little time that he could help. That will be great!"

Felicity is smart. She knew this. But there was a element of this at times that caught her off guard. Made her work just a little bit harder. Knowledge was easier then taking a guess and being right. Guesstimate could be off just a little. Or a lot. And those odds scared her. Especially if the life of her friends were hanging in a balance. How often can a person find luck in being right all the time with that. Not that she questioned how smart she is. Felicity had managed to do amazing things on less to work with.

But it was nice to hear a friend tell her that she's got this, and that she knows it. She normally would give herself a pep talk as she works with things. Trusting her own intuition. And she had not been wrong whens he does that. Not to say she hasn't been wrong. But she learned from those. She learned to be focused. Felicity had learned a great deal; as she learned that many peoples lives count on her abilities to figure things out. She had carried her mistakes as lessons to never make again. To do better each time for the sake of anyone she looks after. And more...

But she appreciated Barry's words. "Thank you!"

"I don't know! Maybe there is a person who might be researching this. Someone who is observant. Smart. That had followed the accident, and coming out of metas. You know sometimes the not so recognized geniuses can figure things out." She paused. Felicity gave people credit. "There has always been someone out there that has gone as far as make information available. Conspiracy theorist are not all that crazy. Most people are now seeing some of the information out there as valid. Even if some of it is a bit off. They are a resource." As she thought about the information that even hacktivist had released to the public. Knowledge was power.

Felicity smirked as Barry replied to her. "That really sounds great to me. But, then again I also believe that there are no right or wrong." Of course, Felicity thought about it. It really depends on who all she asked. The people she knew and cares about would answer and it wouldn't be wrong. But you ask some person who has bad intentions and your going to get something that is wrong. Mainly cause the bad people out there went against innocent people. "Second thought, I am sure there are some that would respond to that in a wrong manner."

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