WANTED: Steve Rogers (ADOPT), Bucky Barnes (ADOPT), Eragon Shadeslayer, Saphira, THE PLOT CAN NOT PROGRESS WITHOUT THEM
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 General Rules
 Posted: Nov 26 2015, 03:04 PM
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Our rules are simple and reasonable, we would like for everyone to read and adhere to them accordingly. We are otherwise lenient and if any questions arise, we'll be available via PM or in the chatbox for answers http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


▲ Please make sure you read all of the important topics before you register. Everything you need to know can be found in the TPOF handbook section of the site.

▲ Register using your character names in regular caps (I.E. Barry Allen), as it matches the skin and theme of the site. No worries if any mistakes are made though as you can contact the staff and ask us to change it for you if needs be.


▲ Application is mandatory, all apps must be approved before you can use the character. If there are any necessary changes that need to be made these will be brought to your attention via PM by one of the admin team.

▲ If there has been a Movie/ TV Show in which your character has been a part of, you must use the Celeb who played them as your face. If there has been multiple Actors/Era's of the character, you must use the newest one (I.E use Micheal B Jordan instead of Chris Evans for Human Torch).

▲ Along those lines, please do not use celebs who have been in the movies/tv shows of our fandoms for your own Original Character, or for a Cannon which has not been represented in a movie (I.E Do not use Chris Hemsworth for Jason Grace)

▲ You will have one week to post up an application for your canon or OC character. If no application is posted by this time, the account will be deleted so others can apply for the role, use the face claim etc. This helps to make it fair.

▲ Upon completion, and being accepted by an admin, please fill out all of your claims in the appropriate forums/sub-boards.


▲ Be polite and respectful to others. If you are abusive or otherwise not respectful you will be warned via PM and if the behaviour continues after two more warnings then your account will be deleted.


▲ Making a Plotter is advised as it can give you a chance to create a plot for each thread and for interacting with others.

▲ All characters who have alter-egos or secret identities are to remain a secret, unless plotted out before hand via the plot pages.


▲ The word count minimum on here is 250 words. This not only helps you to set the scene but it gives the person you are threading with enough to work with and reply to. Also correct grammar, spelling, and a grasp of the English language always goes a long way!

▲ For those threads that get a little....risqué there is a mature section. Please put all adult threads in here and nowhere else please.

▲ When you reply, tag the characters involved using the shoutbox provided to let them know its their turn.

▲ As always no GOD-MODDING. Please also check with the player via the characters plot page before calling their characters actions, involving them in anyway in your posts, to ensure they are comfortable with this occurring.


▲ All original characters are required to post once a week, canons are required to post twice weekly...at a minimum so that site plots, and individual ones, can run smoothly.

▲ Activity checks take place once a month. These checks require all of your characters to have followed our weekly post count rule. We will also ask for some information from you - such as if you are happy here, need help with plotting/posting and or are wanting to drop any of your characters.

▲ We reserve the right to take canon characters from people who do not follow the rules about behaviour and weekly post count. We do not find enjoyment in this process, three chances are given via the warning process.


▲ There is no limit on how many characters you have. We trust that you will be fully aware of what you are capable of roleplay wise and will keep up to the post requirements for each of your characters.
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