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 Anthony Stark, 46 I Avengers I Robert Downey Jr.
Anthony Stark
 Posted: Apr 30 2016, 01:57 PM
Anthony Stark
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Anthony E. Stark


BOLD Powers/Skills: -


Tony Stark has been described by many (including himself) as a’genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist’ as well as “egocentric”, “selfish”, “reckless”, and “extremely cocky.” Wile all of that is very true, he is also a loyal friend and lover (exclusively to Pepper). He’s also been known by his inner circle to be extremely protective of his friends/Pepper, his company, and his tech…in that order. After the battle of New York where he and his fellow Avengers faced off against Loki and the Chitauri, he’s become something else that really heightens that protective side of him-paranoid which s why he’s become more and more determined and driven to fix his mistakes as well as protect those he loves and the worlds from any other threats…regardless of the cost or toll it takes on him.


Anthony Edward Stark was born the only child of Howard and Maria Stark on May 29,1970 in New York City, NY. A genius from the start, his life growing up was dominated by two things (outside of his desire to learn and create): 1. His father's seemingly constant absence from his life and 2. When his dad was around, hearing stories about Captain America-his dad never seemed to shut up about the guy. Tony was an inventor even when he was a kid- he built his own circuit board at age 4, his own V8 motorbike engine at 7, designed and built his own robot at 16 and graduated top of his class at MIT at the age of 17. Sadly, Tony's life would be struck by tragedy when his parents both died in a car accident when he was 21, leaving him alone with his family butler and close friend,Edwin Jarvis, with a company to run. Jarvis would later die but Tony would personally make sure his friend/his memory would live on through an A.I. assistant he would eventually create and name J.A.R.V.I.S (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) after him.

Some time after his parent's passing, Tony was in Afghanistan demonstrating Stark Industries' latest weaponry-the Jericho missile when terrorists kidnapped him and tried to make him build a Jericho for them, but Tony had other plans and instead built what's come to call the "Mach 1" Iron Man suit and used it to kill and scape from his terrorist captors. As this was going onTony had something else on him, a small arc reactor in his chest that the terrorist thugs built and "installed" in him to keep him alive since there was shrapnel from an explosion trying to get into his heart but couldn't via the electromagnet inside said arc reactor so needless to say they left their mark on him figuratively and literally. After returning home, Tony perfected the suit and also found out with the assistance of his loyal and lovely personal assistant-Pepper Potts-that the terrorists were told and bribed to kidnap him by Obidiah Stayne who was a so-called 'friend of the family' that ran the company in the time between Howard's death and Tony's ascension to Stark Industries CEO but just could not let go of it when Tony took over and so he sought out a way to get rid of Tony for good. Obidiah even went so far as to create his own suit that was more "Iron Monger" than "Iron Man" but was defeated Tony (with help once again from Pepper as well as his lifelong best friend, Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes). It was after the scuffle with Stayne that Tony revealed to the whole world that......he was Iron Man. This lead to him being approached by Nick Fury, the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (for whom one Agent Coulson who Tony met during all the stuff with Stayne) about something called the Avengers Initiative.

Six months later and Tony is headlining the Stark Expo in Flushing Meadows, New York and though he had a brave but relaxed and cool face on in public, in private he was scared and slowly losing it for the Arc Reactor Palladium was poisoning him so much from the overuse of the Iron Man armor that it was gradually killing him. Adding insult to injury was that he also had a U.S. Senate committee headed up by one Senator Stern breathing down his neck to release the "Iron Man" technology to the government for military purposes( or so they said) which Stark fervently refused. The committee tried to get Tony to surrender it in a very public hearing where they brought in "Rhodey" to try and testify / "turn" against him in an effort to make him give in and give the tech up. They also brought in Tony's business rival, Justin Hammer of Hammer Tech to talk about just how beneficial the tech in question could be to the military. That went on for only a short while until Hammer and Stern were both utterly humiliated by Tony who pulled up video of not only hammer but other people across the globe trying their best to copy the Iron Man tech and armor and Tony stating that it'd take them many years to get it as perfectly right as he did. Needless to say, the hearing came to a screeching halt seconds later and Tony headed for home in Malibu.

Once back home. Tony and J.A.R.V.I.S. worked on ways to cure his health problem and even get some assistance from Rhodey when it came time to change the arc reactor core in Tony's chest. Rhodey changed it only after he saw how sick his friend was when he came over one day to berate Tony over turning his suits over to the military-which tony rejected. As far as things at Stark Industries were concerned, Tony stepped down as CEO and named Pepper as his successor. While Pepper was CEO, Tony got a new personal assistant in the form of Natalie Rushman. Rushman would accompany Tony, Pepper, and Tony's driver and friend-Happy Hogan to Monaco for the annual race there. It was at that race that Tony ran into Justin Hammer yet again but this time his rival was not alone, he brought reporter Christine Everhart (one of Tony's MANY one night stands, which tony told Hammer about in small detail) with him since she was...surprisingly interviewing him. Tony soon checked his blood toxicity in the bathroom and seeing that he was despondent due to his own impending death, he went seeking a thrill and drove the race car he owned in the race. That's when things took an unexpected and dangerous turn for that's when Tony came into contact with Ivan Vanko who had come up with his own arc reactor and used to it power the electric whips he was wielding in his hands as he whipped them around in order to kill Tony but failed for Tony soundly defeated him after suiting up.. After this encounter, Tony discovered that Vanko was merely seeking vengeance against Tony and his family for his father who had worked with Howard Stark-Tony's father- on the first arc reactor. Tony returned from Monaco and held a wild birthday party for himself that ended up with Tony being extremely drunk and getting into an all out brawl with Rhodey which destroyed his home..or mot of it..and saw Rhodey leaving with one of tony's suits heading for the base.

What followed all that was the typical roller coaster of drama and action that ha by now come to be standard in the life of Tony Stark- from finding out from Nick Fury himself that "Natalie Rushman" was really "Natasha Romanov" aka 'The Black Widow' of S.H.I.E.L.D. who was also present during this 2nd encounter with Fury and had also given him an injection that would slow the poisoning in his veins, to finding out that Vanko was working with Hammer on drones similar to his armor for the military which were ironically being shown and demonstrated publicly AT THE STARK EXPO where Tony and Rhodey (now donning the 'War Machine" armor) both took on and defeated Vanko (and saving Pepper's life and countless others as well at the same time). When the dust settled and things were back to normal (and Tony was back to being ar least 'co-CEO' with Pepper, Tony was once again approached by Fury who told him that while Iron Man was a perfect candidate for the "Avengers Initiative", Tony Stark was not though Tony could stay on as a consultant for it and for S.H.I.E.L.D. from that moment on.

Tony eventually moved back to his hometown of New York City where he lived in the newly constructed Stark Tower. One night, while he and Pepper were celebrating the creation energy source, Agent Coulson (whose first name is apparently Phil) paid them a visit though Tony tried to keep the man out by having J.A.R.V.I.S. keep him out via security protocols he had installed and even going so far as to tell the persistent man that he had reached the LMD/ Life Model Decoy of Tony Stark-both of which failed and Phil got in without any trouble. He told Tony that he needed to come in because the Avengers Initiative was now active on orders from Nick Fury thanks to Loki infiltrating the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility where he stole the Tesseract. While Phil was telling him this, he also handed Tony a holographic screens that each held information on Bruce Banner, Captain America, Thor, and Loki as well. Tony then suited up in his Mark VI and headed for Stuttgart, Germany where Natasha Romanoff and Captain America were now dealing with a very hostile Loki. Not waiting for any invitation, Tony blasted right in and hit Loki with a repulsor blast before standing over the so-called god with Captain America which lead to Loki's surrender and capture. On the flight back to the Hellicarrier aboard the Quinjet, a storm surrounded them followed by an attack by Thor who took Loki and flew off with Tony in hot and immediate pursuit after him, flying right into the god while he (Thor) was threatening Loki on a mountain. This, and Tony's refusal to let Thor get close to Loki, lead to a very physical confrontation between them that was put to an end by Captain America who managed to use his shield to block Thor's hammer when the thunder god attacked him.

When they got back to the hellicarrier, and once Loki was caged up, Tony finally met Dr. Bruce Banner with whom there was an immediate bond via science. The two started to talk about the Tesseract but not until Tony had planted a hacking device that allowed J.A.R.V.I.S. to start combing through S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database and reveal the spy organization's secrets to him. The discussion between Tony and Banner then turned to how Banner should see turning into the Hulk as a gift and not a curse-during which Tony kept poking banner with a prod but with no reaction from Banner outside of small cries of pain leaving tony to wonder just what helped the man keep his cool, he had his theories but he wanted to know the real answer, something that one Steve Rogers/Captain America found not so humorous. Tony told Rogers that there was a bigger mystery that he was working to solve: Why did they get called in now and not any sooner? Nick Fury was THE spy after all so his secrets would have secrets, if Fury didn't bring Tony in on the Tesseract energy project then that could only mean that S.H.I.E.L.D. was working on something that wasn't clean energy..this was something that left both him and Steve uneasy and unsure(especially Steve). The 3 soon learned the truth-that S.H.I.E.L,D, was trying to use the tesseract to create weapons of mass destruction and also using HYDRA tech to learn how to harness such power which lead to a huge verbal scuffle between them, Fury, Thor, and Romanoff which was also a distraction to what was really going on-though it was a temporary one-Loki's troops (lead by a brainwashed Clint Barton/Hawkeye) came in and freed Loki while also doing some severe damage to the hellicarrier. Tony suited up and went with Steve to fix the ship on the outside. Once the repair was done, he and Steve found out that Banner had turned into the Hulk and escaped the ship while Thor was ejected from the ship by Loki during all the craziness. What was worse about it all was that Loki also killed Phil Coulson before he ejected Thor from the 'vessel'. Tony sat there silent and numb with emotional pain as Fury informed those who remained (himself, Steve, Natasha, and Fury's second in command-Maria Hill) about the Avengers Initiative and how it was started as something that would allow/get isolated individuals to come together and fight the battles that S.H.I.E.L.D. or anyone else could not fight on their own, an idea that Coulson had died believing in according to Fury.

While he and Steve visited the place where Coulson was murdered,Tony talked about how Loki had made it personal to draw them into all this and used very theatrical means to do so in the process and eventually it hit him as to just how personal it was...that Loki could and probably was going to use his Stark Tower as a means to open up the portal. This lead to the infamous Battle of New York where Tony and the rest of the newly formed Avengers (which now included a non-brainwashed Clint Barton) took on Loki and his alien/Chitauri forces in a battle to save not only NYC but the world as well. Tony did all he could to keep the alien warriors at bay while also trying to stop the portal from staying open for long (and knocking out a brainwashed by Loki Dr. Eric Selvig). He even confronted Loki without a suit (since his suit was very damaged) about all of it in Stark Tower, promising that no matter what happened the Avengers would not rest until they had taken him down. As he said this, Tony secretly put on metal bracelets before Loki tried to brainwash him with the scepter and failed thanks to Tony's arc reactor leaving Loki to throw Tony out the window. As he fell, Tony activated the new Mark VII armor (via the bracelets and J.A.R.V.I.S.) which would be the armor he wore as the battle raged on.

The battle eventually ended with tony taking a nuclear bomb through the portal into space and hurling at the Chitauri 'mothership' which blew up and caused the alien army to collapse dead on the ground-something that would have happened to Tony after he fell unconscious and very fast back towards Earth and out of the portal-bit thanks to Hulk not only catching and protecting him when they landed but also waking him back into consciousness. The team celebrated over shawarma and the next day saw Loki and the Tesseract being returned to Asgard by Thor before disbanding to do other things which in Tony's case was to repair Stark Tower and make it into something worthy of the new team.

Six months after the Battle of New York, Tony found himself unable to sleep due to the memories of the battle plaguing his mind. He would be awake for days on end working on armor after armor including the Mark XLII armor he was working on that was equipped with technology that would allow Tony to summon it with just the literal flick of a wrist. After testing out the new armor and its 'summoning system', Tony took a break and saw that the international terrorist, The Mandarin, had once again attacked the U.S.A. and that Rhodey got both a new paint job and a new name-Iron Patriot (which he thought was a stupid name). He met with Rhodey and openly mocked the "Iron Patriot" name after Rhodey told him how the name "War Machine" was a much too violent and would send a bad message to kids. Speaking of kids, two of them come up to tony asking him to sign a picture they drew of his near death experience during the battle of NY. As he is signing, one of them softly asked him how he survived the wormhole, leading Tony to have an anxiety attack and soon leave the scene and Rhodey too and head for home. Once there, Tony immediately got to work on his suits (which were over 40 in number by now).Since Christmas was coming up, he also ordered a giant stuffed bunny for Pepper as his gift which he had placed outside the house while he had his new remote-controlled Mark XLII suit sitting on the couch awaiting Pepper's arrival back home-Tony himself was working downstairs in his workshop on more Iron Man(Men?) suits. When Pepper did come home, she found the suit and for a time was convinced that Tony was in it (Thanks to Tony 'speaking' through the suit to her when he was a floor below her). She soon figured out the truth, as always, and she soon found him in the workshop working on another suit and was understandably mad but Tony managed to keep her calm by telling her that he's been feeling like an amateur in the big leagues after what went on in NYC-just a guy in a suit fight with or against aliens, gods, monsters-any of whom could or do possess gateways to other worlds. He told her that the only reason that he had not snapped by now was her moving in with him for which he was beyond thankful and grateful to her for.

He also told her that he had also been having nightmares of vile forces coming in to attack the thing he loved most-Pepper so while she slept, he came down to the workshop and worked on suits-never getting a wink of sleep. This happened again that night, only instead of Tony ending the night in the workshop.. it ended in Pepper leaving Tony alone in bed after one of his suits attacked her leaving Tony to save her by deactivating it. While all this was going on, the Mandarin and his cronies were enacting bombings all over the world and sadly one of them had Tony's friend and head of security/former bodyguard, Happy Hogan, caught in its blast zone and then in a coma in a hospital where Tony visited him.This lead to an enraged Tony publicly threatening the Mandarin and giving out his home address so the two could face off. Eventually Tony did manage to find him in Miami, Florida ( that is after stopping off for some repairs and gold old-fashioned investigating in Rose Hill,Tennessee). As it turns out the man who everyone thought was "The Mandarin" was an actor named Trevor Slattery who told him of the whole charade and how it involved one Aldrich Killian. Now Aldrich Killian was another scientist (if you want to call him that..whatever) that tony met in Bern,Switzerland in 1999 where Aldrich tried to get Tony in on his research and his company (Advanced Idea Mechanics or AIM). Tony told him to meet him on the roof but due to his prior engagement with one Maya Hansen who was now working for Killian, he never showed.

Ok enough with that backstory, let's get back to the more important stuff... Tony was soon hot on the trail of Killian whom he found with both Maya and a kidnapped Pepper in tow. A heated and extremely epic confrontation ensued between Tony/all of the Iron Men armors and an Extremis ladened Aldrich Killian. In the end, Tony not only won but also saved Pepper's life (along with the life of the Vice President, with help from Rhodey) that ended Tony blowing up all of his suits. A few short days later, after Tony managed to cure Pepper of the same Extremis crud that Killian had in him, Tony underwent surgery to remove the shrapnel from near his heart which he used to make Pepper a necklace that he gave to her but also ended his having any need for an arc reactor in his chest.

Some time after the "Killian encounter", Tony learned that SHIELD was not SHIELD and it instead was HYDRA and that he was on their (long) list of targets to eliminate via their 'Project Insight", but luckily for him and many others-Captain America put a stop to it and thus brought down SHIELD. In the aftermath of SHIELD's collapse, Tony hired former SHIELD agent Maria Hill and used his armies of attorneys to protect her from anyone or anything seeking to do harm to her. What followed was something that would become one of Tony's biggest (and numerous regrets).

With HYDRA rising up from the proverbial ashes, the Avengers reassembled and went off to not only bring down Baron von Strucker's castle base and its inhabiting forces there, but also retrieve Loki's scepter. Luckily, he and the team were successful in doing both but with one minor cost-to Tony. While holding the scepter, Tony had a vision (courtesy of Scarlet Witch) where he saw the other Avengers lying dead after what appeared to be a big cosmic battle with the Chitauri leading him to reaffirm his mission-to protect mankind in a way where the Avengers were not always or even totally needed.

Upon returning to New York and what was now Avengers Tower(formerly Stark Tower), Tony and Bruce Banner both got to work on experimenting on the scepter and using it in creating what he thought was to be the ultimate peacekeeping force- Ultron. It ended up working but as Tony found out at a party celebrating the launch of Ultron, it worked too well and not in a good way for via an army of Iron Man looking robots Tony called the Iron Legion, Ultron attacked him and the other Avengers. After a brief battle with the "Ultron Sentries", Tony and the team began to assess the damage( which included the loss of JARVIS) and to try and figure out what and how this all happened and just what was Ultron planning....heck what was his next move was without killing each other...or more precisely him (and granted Thor got a head start on that when he grabbed Tony by the throat and lifted him into the air).

They soon got their answer after Ultron killed Strucker in his cell and was now en route to stealing some vibranium from a criminal named Ulysses Klaw. Tony and the rest of the Avengers travelled to South Africa where they once again confronted Ultron and both his Robotic(the Ultron sentries) and 'human' cohorts (Pietro and Wanda Maximoff). The battle soon began and while his teammates took on the sentries and the twins, Tony singlehandedly took on and destroyed the body Ultron had at the time. When his fight with Ultron ended, Tony saw that the other Avengers had been brought down by the visions given to them by Wanda Maximoff who had by now did the same to Bruce in a way that made him turn into the Hulk who was now destroying everything in his path in a nearby marketplace. Tony immediately went after the giant green rage monster and put on his Mark XLIV(or Hulkbuster) armor and got into a fight with Hulk, which he managed to win in the end. After this fight, the team learned from Maria Hill that not only were there negative reactions to what they did in South Africa but also cries for Bruce to be arrested so it was best if they laid low and rested. Thanks to Clint, they were taken to a 'safehouse' (more like a farmhouse) in the picturesque middle of nowhere where they met Clint's wife and 3 kids (with one on the way it seemed). While there, Tony was outside chopping wood with Cap during which they talked about just how Wanda could get into their heads and screw around with their minds like she did and thus tear the team apart. When their chat turned to how he and Banner created Ultron and thus starting this whole thing, a simultaneous debate and argument broke out between them over whether or not he and Bruce should have even experimented on the scepter. tony defended his actions by stating the argument that the only reason they fight is so that they can end the fight and go home and Ultron was supposed to replace them in doing that. Clint's wife, Laura, quickly spoke up and asked if Tony could help repair their tractor in the barn to which Tony agreed and while in the barn looking over the tractor, he was met by the sight of Nick Fury who Tony realized had to have been called in by Maria Hill. Tony listened as Fury tried to tell him that Wanda had only tricked him but Tony refused that notion saying that the vision he saw with all of his friends dead would be the future if he wouldn't do all he could to save his teammates and humanity.

After Nick showed himself to the rest of the team, talk began of what their next move would be,and this move involved something in Oslo, Norway called "NEXUS"which Ultron tried to get into but someone kept changing the codes to the nuclear weapons arsenal constantly which kept the psychotic AI from doing that. Tony went there while the other Avengers went to either Seoul, South Korea to help retrieve the synthetic body and its keeper-Helen Cho-before Ultron did anything to them. While there, Tony searched for the person who was keeping Ultron from accessing the codes only to find out that it was JARVIS.Apparently, JARVIS had erased his memory and going underground scattered himself all over the Internet..turns out big,bad Ultron was scared of JARVIS and his abilities so that's why JARVIS seemed to vanished after Ultron's initial attack. Tony restored JARVIS' memory and sent him/his programming back to Avengers Tower. Soon after that Tony and the other Avengers went back to Sokovia where they evacuated the city and confronted Ultron and his robotic forces while the city was being lifted into the air (but don't worry...they got it back down nice and neat. and in one piece..for the most part, with some help from some old friends from what used to be SHIELD-and Rhodey too).

Since the Sokovia incident, Tony has been doing some part-time hero work while also being more full-time in his philanthropy and all that...but make no mistake, he's still the same old flirty, snarky, brash and bold Tony Stark the world's come to know and love.


All Cannons must do this, and if its your first character, you must do this as well. Try for a 250 minimum.
Full Name: Anthony Edward Stark
Nicknames: Tony, Shellhead, Metal Man, The Mechanic, The Merchant of Death (former), the Da Vinci of Our Time, Howardson
Age: 46
Codename: Iron Man
Occupation: Fmr. Stark Industries CEO & Current Avenger
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hometown: New York, NY
Member Group: Avengers
Face Claim: Robert Downey Jr.
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 Posted: Aug 11 2016, 09:45 AM
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