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Quote: Magic's just science we don't understand yet
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Jane Foster


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Apr 2 2017, 12:36 AM
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Jane Foster was exposed to science since she was born. So, she had a great love for it. Jane is a very intelligent woman, and is a free thinker. Nothing is ever set in stone, and something worth working to discover. She is all about doing the research herself, and doesn't think of the risk. This even means she is willing going into zero-visibility conditions; among all other things she found herself in. <p>

<p>Friends: Jane is a very dedicated to her work and research. So, friends have been probably more few and far between, unless they are in the same field she is in. Erik is more like family to her then just a friend and colleague. Darcy Lewis was her intern when they first came into contact with Thor. Jane is very much a kind person, and is a loyal friend anyone could have.
<p>Enemies: Jane despite her very kind personality, and loyalty to friends. Most likely like any other person in the world would have some enemies. Be it the kind that has a jealousy for her intelligence, experiences, and the fact that she is close to Thor. She has them, and anyone that goes against humanity be it earth or other worldly are her enemies.
<p>Lovers: Jane has had problems with relationships and research. It normally pulls from her relationships, and it normally ends. Like the relationship with Donald Blake. Falling in love with Thor in the time spent with him. And even as he had promised to return to her. Jane has been more determined to be with Thor, even if that meant her finding a way to get to Asgard just to be with him. Jane was more than happy when Thor returned to be with her.


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<div style="width: 180px; text-align: center; font-family: arial; word-spacing: 2px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #000; font-size: 8px; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: 2px; ">30, Astrophysicist, Civilian, Smart, Mighty</div>


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<div style="width: 440px; text-align: right; font-family: arial; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%; padding-top: 2px;">THANKS ♥</div>

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Feb 28 2017, 05:32 PM
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Jane Foster</div>
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<b>Master Scientist:</b> Foster has become one of the most important astrophysicists in the world, having studied the existence of Einstein-Rosen Bridges (or Wormholes) since before discovering their true nature through her experiences with Thor. Once he departed from New Mexico, Foster developed a revolutionary theory on wormholes, that would have allowed her to connect to Asgard if the Bifrost Bridge had not been destroyed. She began to give lectures around the world, and she was even considered a serious candidate for the Nobel Prize.

Jane is a very intelligent woman, who sees things differently. While she is open to all sciences, astrophysics and generally all physics is her expertise. She can see a connection to many things. Whether one might point it out as magic, it is just a science that a person doesn't understand. <p>

But being intelligent had its advantages. Going somewhere. Research. It was something she could devote her time to. As she saw that her private life hardly went as well as her professional. She keeps her self in her work simply to avoid her heart break and loneliness. <p>

She has a very caring heart. Loving, and kind. But she is all over the place and driven to pursue proving her theories right.

Sciences have always intrigued Jane Foster since she was a young girl. Like her father, she has dedicated her life to not only the research, but in hopes of discovering theories that she has build over the years of her own exploration. But not limited to her time as a student at Culver University, where both her father and Erik Selvig. She had come to look up to Erik as not just a friend, a colleague, but he looked after her. When she graduated, she became an astronomer.<p>

Jane was very thorough about her keeping data, and including her equipment. Most of which she had made herself. It was her life's work. And she literally put all her life into it. Including what could have included friends, lovers. Through her hard work in the field of astrophysics, she became a world's leading astrophysicist.<p>

Jane Foster had believed in many things. That magic is a science that they don't understand, going on her many working theories. She began to study mysterious weather event that she believed was a link to the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. She was accompanied by Erik and her intern Darcy Lewis. Jane was the type of scientist that would rather be out in the field where the source of the anomalies were taking place. This would take her to the desert surrounding Puente Antiguo, New Mexico. <p>

It was an event that had changed her life in ways she never thought possible. A powerful vortex before them, and in zero visibility condition Jane collided with a man who stumbled out into their path. Jane was worried that she had harmed the man she hit with her van. The man announced he is Thor, and speaking of Asgard and its people until Darcy had tasered him. Hurrying him to the hospital as soon as possible.<p>

Jane came to realize that the man that had called himself Thor would be the most important part of her research about what happened doing that weather event. And the one that could confirm her theories after noticing the figure of a man within the photographic images that had been captured from the atmospheric event. While at the hospital to find him, and talk to him. Jane as they were leaving backed into the man, hitting him again with her van. Most apologetic. She brought him back, giving him a change of clothes that had belonged to her ex Donald Blake. While trying to avoid just how attractive and charming. Jane had chosen to make this as professional as possible. In that time they all heard someone talk about a object that had crashed, and no one could pick it up. <p>

Jane wanted to help Thor find his Mjølnir. Eventually parting, only to return to everything of hers, and her colleagues being confiscated by SHIELD Agents. It was by chance when she noticed Thor again. Offering; despite the feelings of her skeptical colleague Erik. Jane decided to help Thor, and hopefully getting her research back. As well as Thor telling her everything. Getting to the scene, it looked like a city was built around Mjølnir. Knowing that if it was a satellite, it would have been cleared away. Jane watched everything from where she was waiting for Thor. She had even in that time period called and left a message for Erik. <p>

There was a lengthy disagreement between Jane and Erik. Jane had expressed her believes about Thor coming from an advanced race. And eventually enlist Erik to help get Thor released. Jane was surprised to see Thor bringing in a very drunk Erik, after their befriending each other. This gave Jane and Thor time to talk, where he handed her a notebook that had a lot of her research in it. Thinking she would have to start all over again, she appreciated that he was able to get back something. Having kept to his words of getting something of hers back. Jane found out from Thor about the nine realms, and true origin of Norse mythology. <p>

Trouble hit after Thor's friends from Asgard arrived to take Thor home, as Loki had sent the Destroyer to kill Thor. Jane refused to leave if Thor was staying behind. Watching as Thor walked up to the Destroyer, and make it stop its attack on innocent people of the town. Jane was at his side as he laid there, being pulled away by Erik just before Mjølnir returned to Thor's hands. Jane watched as Thor regained his full powers, and defeated the Destroyer. <p>

The hardest part that Jane had with this is when he had to leave, to return to his home. Leaving her with a promise he would return. She stood waiting for a while for him. Eventually, she left to work on finding a way to find him. Because of the information that Thor shared with her regarding the nine realms, making her something of a expert adviser regarding Asgardian cosmology. With the SHIELD resources at her finger tips, she was hoping to make a artificial portal to reunite with Thor in Asgard. Jane was worried he would not return as promised. <p>

Jane was taken to safety when Erik was captured. A war being declared on humanity by Loki and the Chitauri. Jane was showed some live footage of Thor in Manhattan, fighting in the battle of New York. Jane was accompanied by Darcy in a flight to return to New York to reunite with Erik, who was shaken after his ordeal with being brainwashed by Loki. But asked him what became of Thor, learning that he already returned to Asgard. Hearing this made Jane decide to try and move on, and forget about Thor. Which was hard to do.<p>

Jane struggles for a year to try and move on. She put most of that focus on her research. Which leading her to London. Erik had explained that he had discovered a series of bizarre anomalies in London. She does, and while waiting for Erik; they took residence in a flat that Selvig had rented. He was nowhere to be found. Jane tried having a date with a man name Richard, only to have Darcy interrupt. Jane accompanied by Darcy and her intern Ian traveled to an abandon warehouse where a number of portals appeared. Jane had found herself in a portal, that transported her to an alien world. <p>

While exploring, Jane discovered a shrine that opened when she touched it. And was infected by a mysterious force called aether. She was passed out by the shock to her system. She woke up back in the warehouse, where she was found by Darcy. Jane was told she was absent for at least five hours. It was two years without seeing Thor, and she finally sees him. She was furious at first, but forgave him. Shocked by what happened when a police officer tried to arrest her, she was taken to Asgard by Thor. The events from then on out lead to the death of Frigga, who was protecting her from Malekith, who is a dark elf. And sneaking her out of Asgard to the dark elf homeworld, so that they could get the aether out of her. Which happened when Malekith sapped the aether from her body. And while it was being drawn from her, Jane momentarily shared Malekith thoughts. Learning that he intended to use the aether to cause a destruction of the nine realms using the convergence.<p>

After reuniting with the others, Jane explained Malekith's plan. Following Erik's research they used the teleportation devices that Erik created to work a way to keep his plan from succeeding. As well as deal with the minions. It was a greater relief when the portals closed, and the convergence was over. Her experiences gave her a different look on the sciences of astrophysics. Jane knew that after that Thor would go back to Asgard, but was very happy when he returned.

Somewhere inside Jane's mind knew enough to know that there was a threat out there. Looking to try and do what other threats could not do successfully. Jane's own experiences made her all the more aware that things could indeed happen. After a near attempt of being captured herself, coming out of it with a few bruises and cuts. She had found out from SHIELD reports that there was a few scientist that had been taken. <p>

Obviously, Jane knew that Thor and the Avengers would be called in action. Jane had refused to go into hiding. She understood Thor's feelings about her being safe. But she hoped that Thor understood her reasons for refusing to be held in a facility for her protection. Her argument was plan and simple. Her experiences since meeting him had been enough of a test that the woman can handle things. Even in the mix of chaos. She is smart and strong willed. And she pointed out the risk she herself had faced in that time. "Life is all about taking risk!" Jane stressed.<p>

"Listen, they wanted me for a reason. I say, I am better off being useful on the front lines; then to be tucked away for piece of mind. Because, I can't see myself being protected like that. I would see this is being safer! In theory, they would expect me to be under protection. This is the only way!"


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<b>Full Name:</b> Jane Foster
<b>Nicknames:</b> --
<b>Age:</b> Thirty
<b>Codename:</b> N/A
<b>Occupation:</b> Astrophysicist
<b>Sexuality:</b> Heterosexual
<b>Hometown:</b> New York
<b>Member Group:</b> Civilian
<b>Face Claim:</b> Natalie Portman
<div class="cttwchall7">Jennifer| Felicity Smoak & Kara Danvers | MST | PM</div>
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