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Apr 8 2016, 02:11 PM
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<p>Felicity was glad to be finished with her duties that needed to be carried out at Palmer Technologies. But she also knew the chances of being called back in. While she had been assured by others, and her assistant that she will not be needed any further. But will contact her if she is. She headed to Oliver's office. Aside from it being the location for the new Arrow cave, and the fact she is always there watching over the love of her life, Oliver. And her team-mates.</p>

<p>After stopping off at a coffee house to get something for Oliver and herself, Felicity got to Candidate Queen Office. Entering as soon as she can. Stopping as soon as her eyes went to Oliver. She knew he has been very busy with his running for mayor. Saving the city as the Green Arrow. He did a great deal for the city, and she knew his heart. Did she have to voice how proud she is of him? She hoped he knew that. But she tried to express things often enough. She also wanted him to know she is always by his side through it all. That he could count on her to be there, if and when he needed her there.</p>

<p>Felicity stood there momentarily; watching him. Debating on if she wanted to interrupt what he is currently doing. But she also didn't need him to catch her staring at him. "I figured you would have a handful of people here." Something she had expected to see when she had entered. "How about a distraction from everything?" </p>


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Mar 14 2016, 08:08 PM
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tag: barry <Br>
notes: sorry my starter is eh. i hope its okay enough to work with.


Felicity Smoak was a driven woman to help people. Especially when those people are her friends. Whether they were members of Team Arrow, or Team Flash. Or anyone that was allied with them, but were not of either team. Felicity was just that kind person that wanted to help. And perhaps Oliver and the others saw that when she had asked if it was okay to go help Barry with his Zoom problem. She didn't seem to have to give a time table that she would be in Central City. Promising to keep in contact with them, in part because she knew that they would also be worried about her. Possibly to give an idea of when they might expect her back. It honestly wasn't like they could not get her help with something while she was away. She was able to assist them whether she was there or not. <p>

So, she hurried off towards Central City after giving Barry an ETA. It was relatively close. She definitely got there just shy of the time she had given him. It wasn't bad. She was glad she gave herself that extra time just in case she was running behind on that. Stops. She basically tried to estimate from all the times she did make this trip before. With a quick paced steps, as soon as she saw Barry from a distance. "Barry!" Felicity called out. Mainly to let him know that she is indeed there. "I got here as fast as I could." As she walked up. <p>

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Mar 14 2016, 01:55 AM
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Felicity Megan Smoak has shown a great deal of things within one character. She is strong, brave, caring, very intelligent, and compassionate. But she is also not limited too those. She is so much more.. A much colorful past as a hacker (for the sake of the roleplay this includes a connection to Skye and Rising Tide) that had made her more or less change her image, and how she went about things. <p>

Felicity has a very notable cute nature about herself. While she is growing always as a person who is breaking out of her shell. She still has tendencies of being nervous, tends to ramble in these moments. Her babbling can be improper and often times comes out as sexual. She is socially awkward, and lacks a filter. All things that tend to come out more when she is very nervous.<p>

While she is not the member that risk her life fighting the fight. She is watching over the team and guiding them. Being their eyes and ears while they risk everything to make the City safe. While she would hardly see her role in the team as most important, or valued team member. She certainly encourages the others to see their place. Even through the hard times. <p>

She has on many counts put herself in harms way to be in the place of who might fall victim. And she has received her fair share of injuries while looking out for another person. Something that she would never think twice on. Even if it ends in her getting hurt again. She cares deeply for every member of Team Arrow. And will do everything she can to protect them.<p>

<p>Friends: Felicity is a very caring person, who without a doubt as no problems in making and keeping good friends. And all other friendships types like an acquaintance. Who couldn't use more friends in their life. That and how can anyone not be a friend. Felicity is awesome.
<p>Enemies: While it is hard to imagine anyone not liking Felicity. Or not being her friend. Everyone has enemies. Whether it is because of some form or reason of jealousy. Or because she is a member of Team Arrow. This happens to the best of us. You live; you have enemies. It is the way life apparently works.
<p>Lovers: Felicity has had her fair share of relationships in her life. Having had a short fling with Ray Palmer. Felicity is in love with Oliver Queen.


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<div style="width: 180px; text-align: center; font-family: arial; word-spacing: 2px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #000; font-size: 8px; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: 2px; ">27, businesswoman/team arrow, civilian, overwatch, smart, caring</div>


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<div style="width: 440px; text-align: right; font-family: arial; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%; padding-top: 2px;">THANKS ♥</div>

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Mar 7 2016, 03:47 PM
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Felicity M. Smoak</div>
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Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Leader: Felicity is an intellectual whizkid, as evidenced by the crucial role she plays in Team Arrow, as well as her enviable skill-set in tasks such as information retrieval, computer software and technology, and the creation of customized gadgets, among other things. She was able to draw an accurate theory regarding Oliver's alternate identity from the few requests Oliver asked of her which would later be connected to the vigilante's activities, but she did not expose his secret identity to anyone, nor did she mention it until Oliver entrusted her with the information. Felicity hints at being scientifically proficient from an early age (claiming to have been engineering computers since she was 7), which is a recurring trait among child prodigies. She is also an adroit card counter, telling Oliver that "it's all probability theory and mathematics". When Felicity infiltrates an illegal casino in "The Undertaking", she is so adept at winning card games that she was immediately reprimanded by the owner, who was under the impression that she was cheating. She has a superior memory, and is an expert engineer, showing her prowess in disabling both bombs and the Markov device. She also hoards and displays intimate knowledge in many other subjects, such as history, politics, economics, geography, physics, engineering, biology, and chemistry. Being the Vice President of Palmer Technologies, she has proven to be a proficient businesswoman as she was able to help Ray secure rights to the mines. She proved to be worthy enough for Ray to pass ownership of his company to her. As third-in-command of Team Arrow, she has some skills as a leader as she was able guide Oliver and the team on their missions as giving them directions and instructions. She would occasionally step in to take command when Oliver and John would have problems or disagreements. <p>

Computer specialist: As an M.I.T. graduate (class of 2009) and a former member of Queen Consolidated's I.T. department, Felicity has proven herself to be a highly skilled computer specialist. She was able to recover valuable information, such as the blueprints of the exchange building where the Unidac Industries auction was being held, from Floyd Lawton's damaged laptop, despite the fact that it had sustained bullet holes. She was able to find the delivery location of a teflon-coated titanium blade arrow by tracking down its manufacturing company, Sagittarius, and finding out where and when it had been purchased using the company's records. She analyzed a sample of the drug named Vertigo and was able to find its manufacturing location in the city. After discovering the vigilante's identity, Felicity constructed a highly effective computer system in the Arrowcave, which she uses to locate people, places, and things Oliver has a problem finding on his own. <p>

Expert computer hacker: Felicity is a highly-skilled computer hacker, capable of breaking into any computer system, which makes her a valuable asset to Team Arrow. She was able to hack into the crime lab computers of the SCPD and order the disposal of the vigilante's blood, which had been lifted from a crime scene for analysis. She also managed to easily hack into A.R.G.U.S.'s databanks in order to track Deadshot's movements and broke into Harrison Wells' (the director of S.T.A.R. Labs) personal files. The only computer system which proved immune to her skills was that of Merlyn Global Group, but this was remedied with the help of Oliver and Diggle, who snuck her into Merlyn Global Group's headquarters so she could gain direct access to their mainframe. She then proceeded to download the entire schematics from the Markov Device, and planted a Trojan in the system, so they would know what Malcolm was up to. She is more than able to bypass most firewalls and is also able to do so with surprising speed. <p>

Intermediate engineer: Felicity is an expert engineer, showing her prowess in disabling both bombs and the Markov device.<p>

Expert driver: Felicity has the ability to drive multiple vehicles, and appears to be skilled at it. She is able to pursue enemies in various ways using different vehicles, known to be a car or a van.<p>

First aid: Felicity is shown to be skilled in first aid, due to the fact that she was taught by John Diggle. <p>


Growing up, Felicity had to deal with a great deal of things. Carrying an intellect much like her fathers; while being questioned on what she had from her mother. And while there was a great deal that had put a strain on her relationship with her mother. She feared winding up a cocktail waitress like her mother. She worked harder to escape those circumstances. But it seemed to make it harder to really connect with her mother because of their differing personalities. <p>

At one time Felicity was reckless and impulsive. Eventually, after her boyfriend when she was in college was arrested by the FBI, and committed suicide, she changed her image. Getting rid of the cyber-goth look, and leaving her hacktivist life behind.<p>

Felicity has always been kind, caring, and selfless. But there was a rebellious nature. She is not without her more amusing and different characteristics. That most people love or find adorable about her. Like her jocular, socially-awkward nerd. She has a habit of babbling without censoring herself, and usually does so using innuendos with sexual connotation. This happens when she is nervous. <p>

While she is greatly awkward, and tends to babble. Along with rambling on with a not so filtered way. She is very intelligent, ambitious, hard working, and tech-savvy. Who is very confident in her computer skills. She might not look for trouble, but she is not one for backing away from danger, especially if there is a mystery waiting to be solved. <p>

While many underestimate her. She is smart. And can read people enough to know just went she is being lied too. Even though she has come through earlier on with many terrible cover stories told by Oliver, she has come through and helped him with his requests. Her skill set, along with other skills earned her way into the next member of the team. Felicity proceeds to upgrade the Arrowcave's computers as Oliver's poorly set up system bugs her. <p>

Felicity had a hard time with Oliver's harsh methods, especially murdering criminals when necessary. They came to an understanding after stopping the Savior. Felicity is more than capable of handling herself in dangerous situations. She has gone undercover in a mob casino, infiltrated the Merlyn Global Group headquarters as a delivery girl. And even offered herself as bait to catch the Dollmaker. <p>


Felicity Megan Smoak was born in 1989 to parents Donna Smoak and Noah Kuttler. And her father had abandoned her and her mother at a very young age. Until she went to college, Felicity lived in Las Vegas. At a young age, Felicity became interested in computers. Felicity over the years had learned to build them, but not only that. She is technically gifted, and is very smart. In other areas than in the field of computer sciences. <p>

Felicity had always felt a strained relationship with her mother. Having no idea what she got from her mother, but knowing through her mother that she is a lot like her father. Felicity had fears of winding up a cocktail waitress like her mother, and worked hard to escape from that. Felicity had ranked 2nd in the National Information Technology competition at the age of 19.<p>

Felicity went to MIT, class of 2009. In her freshman year, she had an incident with a stalker. <p>

It wasn't until her senior year that she started dating a fellow computer whiz named Cooper Seldon. And the both of them, along with Cooper's roommate Myron Forest were members of a hacktivist group that was on campus. Along with being part of a cybergoth subculture. <p>

While the original reasons for developing a super virus was meant for noble actions. Something along the lines of digitally defacing criminals, and exposing government fraud. It was Cooper's attempt to use the program to hack into the campus infrastructure to delete all the student loans. Felicity was shocked by the actions and pulled the plug to stop him. Felicity tried confessing that she had written the virus when Cooper was arrested for his attempt, but he had already confessed; taking the fall. She was devastated when she heard that Cooper had hanged himself as he was about to be sentenced. Felicity had changed her image, and left her hacktivist days behind her. <p>

With a master's degree in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences, Felicity graduated from MIT. Moving to Starling City to work at Queen Consolidated. Working in the I.T Department when Oliver walked in, a moment of babbling Oliver handed her a laptop that was bullet ridden, claiming that he spilled a latte on it. Felicity did not believe his cover-story. She retrieved the information from the laptop, that had the blueprints; as well as learning the laptop belongs to Walter's competitor Warren Patel, Deadshot's employer.<p>

She mistakenly believe she was going to be fired when Walter summoned her up to his office. But he had given her a secret task off-books. Explaining that a value of 2.6 million dollars gone missing after one of Moira's transactions. Believing that mysteries are to be solved. She unearthed that there was no investment. And the money in question had been used to set up an offshore limited liability company called Tempest. And that it only exist to facilitate the purchase of a warehouse in 2009 that is located in Starling City.<p>

Her task between getting information for Oliver, as well as Walter had continued over as span of time. It wasn't until Walter's abduction that she admitted that despite the stories, when he asked her for help she trusted him enough to do it. But represented him with the copy of the list in her possession, telling Oliver that may be the reason for Walter's abduction.<p>

Felicity has always been suspicious of Oliver, but with all the help she had given him over the time. And all the unbelievable cover stories; trusting him was easy. But it was still a shock to her the moment that he came to her with a gunshot wound. She takes him to take him to his fathers old warehouse and nowhere else. Getting in, Felicity is shocked but helps operate, and manages to stop the bleeding. While Oliver was unconscious, she declares her suspicions and how; after John's comment on how she is handling the revelation. She then agrees to help Oliver on a provisional basis until Walter is found.<p>

What intentionally started as provisional based working with Oliver and John, it eventually became more. She was becoming part of the team with her skill set, as well as her upgrading the Arrowcave computer system. As she was bugged by Oliver's poorly set up system. There isn't anything she has not found herself doing while helping. Anything from posing as a delivery girl. She had also found herself in the line of danger; whether it was willingly putting herself in the line of, or not. And despite the fact that Oliver had been trying to protect her and keep her safe from being pulled into a few situations, she had been pulled in anyway. Much like the time that Helena broke into the I.T Department of Queen Consolidated and threatened Felicity into hacking the FBI to find a location of her father's safehouse.<p>

Felicity over the time of working closely as a team member faced many events that had rocked Starling City greatly. Like the Undertaking. Many of the villains, criminals, and Leagues. Felicity had struggled with her personal feelings, feelings that had developed and grown over the time. While she was fine with Laurel, and Sara. Felicity just could not stand Isabel Rochev. It not only was a shock, but Felicity was hurt by what was obvious. She was denying it to herself, and anyone else that had noticed that she loves Oliver. Despite her attraction toward other guys that had come along. Like Barry Allen. Who she stayed in Central City to stay close while he was in a coma. She was right back to work when she returned. <p>

Things never slowed down for Team Arrow. One threat after another. Sebastian Blood, and Slade with the mirakuru. As well as many personal struggles on top. While there was an issue with gaining control of Queen Consolidated, Felicity worked as a shop assistant at Tech Village. And her relationship with Oliver. After not only helping John and Oliver with a target location, and a date details; Felicity is faced with a man who wants to buy a piece of hardware. Who happened to be Ray Palmer, who bought Queen Consolidated. Wanting more out of life, Felicity accepted Ray's job offer.<p>

Felicity's past came to haunt her when a cyber-terrorist group Brother Eye, cyber attacked Starling City. Shocking realization thet the virus used was one that she helped to create, but created it for good intentions. This ended with a bad reunion between her and her ex boyfriend that she had thought committed suicide. Cooper used her mother as motivation, which she in turn used her mothers new watch to send a ping to Oliver. After the ordeal, Felicity called in sick to spend time with her mother.<p>

Things between her and Oliver seemed to be touch and go. He'd open only to close up. She was also working closely to Ray. It wasn't until she walked in on him while he doing the salmon ladder shirtless. Coming to the realization that she has a type. When Ray asked if she was free for dinner, she wondered why he asked her, as he had hundreds of other employees. Being shown a conture dress that he bought for her. She agreed.<p>

While she claimed that there was nothing between her and Ray. Felicity was needed to get something off the arrow, and eventually found out that Cupid's identity as Carrie Cutter, who has been stalking Arrow. Dressed for the dinner, Ray asked her to wear the 10 million diamond necklace he borrowed for the night. During the dinner, Felicity had to leave due to a Team Arrow emergency. But not without saying something. Later that night, she apologized to Ray that ended in both kissing. After being told that he meant to keep the night platonic, Felicity was confused.<p>

Felicity worked as a liason between the two teams (Arrow and Flash) and following the trail of a killer that uses boomerangs went to Central City. Another threat having to do with an anger-inducing metahuman. Which Felicity was forced to reveal Oliver's identity, and could only watch as the two heroes battle. Felicity asked Caitlin to help identify the DNA on the arrows thast killed Sara after Bivolo was locked away. Back on the Boomerang Killer case, they ran up against ARGUS. Realizing that the killer is targeting them. Felicity tracked down Harkness location through a phone he left behind, realizing that he back-traced their location and despite her intervention; Lyla was struck down by Boomerang. Felicity found Harkness. Felicity with the help of Roy, Cisco, Caitlin helped Barry disarm an array of bombs that Harkness planted throughout the city.<p>

Felicity had kept herself busy to avoid Ray after their awkward kiss. She had put a DNA rush to Caitlin. Which took a turn when Oliver's DNA ended up on the weapon. It was when they realized Malcolm Merlyn's manipulations was to them with the League. Shocked to find Thea came with him. Knowing full well that Oliver would do just about anything to protect his sister, Thea. She had tried to beg him not to go face Ra's Al Ghul. He still went, even after proclaiming his love for her. Felicity had another revelation in her life when Ray, who has been working on a suit that will help him save the city his own way. In the time of helping Ray, and having a short relationship admitting to him she has feelings for Oliver in her response to his question.<p>

After Merlyn arrived with news that Oliver had died in combat, an already struggling Felicity tried to keep up appearances in the City. Felicity out of fear trapped Roy and Diggle for their lives, as she had lost enough as it is. Which let Brick's crew escape. Felicity had quit the team when she was confronted, stating that without Oliver there is no team. In that time, Felicity was dealing with a great deal of what has happened since being part of a team. That she could no do it for those she lost already. But to do it for those she still cared about who are alive. It was something she had to find on her own. And along with that encouraged Laurel to continue being the Black Canary, but not as Sara. As herself. Along with the same motivations that helped push her into returning to the team.<p>

Felicity spent five months living with Oliver happily after Oliver decided to stop being the arrow. Because the city had other masked heroes that could take his place. Except for Laurel and Thea came along and told him they needed him. Intentions of returning to the team once again to take care of a threat that the team needed help on; to go back into retirement. It turned out nothing goes as intended. Oliver's return to the team and adopting a new alias, Green Arrow. Felicity continued her role in the team. She is well aware of what she contributes to the team, and knows her worth and value. She would not have it any other way then to work along side Oliver and a team who is family to her. <p>

After everything she had gone through and endured, she earned herself a codename. Overwatch.<p>


Felicity knew that she might have made this a mountain out of a molehill. And sure some might be thinking that involving herself to a hacktivist group she had been part of, along with a few others while she was younger is a bad idea. They might even felt that groups and people change over years. That might be true. But she also knew that because others might claim to be part of a group she had involvement years ago. She knows that doesn't always apply. There are people out there trying to point the finger on groups that mean something. Stand for something. Hacktivist like Rising Tide didn't hurt people. <p>

There was no turning back. She was in New York. Granted, Felicity probably could have done all this in Star City. This hit home by the group attached to this threat that could potentially harm innocent people. This wasn't the groups mission. She knew that in spite of leaving it. As she had left the life of a hacker behind. Until becoming a member of Team Arrow. But that was something entirely different. She understood things differently. She learned secrets were needed for the safety of others. Rising Tide still didn't need someone claiming to be them. They never crossed that line. They had rules they lived by. She wondered who was still involved. And knew there was no way that some of the members she knew would ever allow this to happen. <p>

"By seconds I'm guessing. Minutes, tops."<p>

But she was mentally trying to figure out just how long the person. Or people had been gone from the warehouse. It could have been seconds, to a matter of minutes. She didn't expect her soft comment spoken would result in a response from anyone else. She was a bit off. Must be the fact that she was so focused on things. She slightly jumped to the other voice. Turning to face the direction the voice came from. "I will say a matter of minutes. Meaning. A wait before they are up and running to a point that I can lock in on them." she said after the gun was lowered. There was a hope that she wouldn't have to wait to long for something to come up.<p>

"It's good to see you again, Felicity."<p>

Felicity couldn't help but being slightly shocked to see Skye. And she had kept tabs on, and eventually lost tabs. But she also was very much busy. "Good to see you too, Skye. - I just wish it was different circumstances that brought us together." She was glad it wasn't just her investigating this. And honestly, Felicity was thankful it was Skye here looking into this too. Maybe letting Oliver and the others would put them at more ease about letting her do this. <p>

"I'm guessing you're here for the same reason I am?"<p>

Felicity came to the idea that was why Skye was there the very moment she saw her. Which is why she said things the way she did after. She could not imagine seeing her after so long, and not have the connection to the reasons. It made perfect sense to her. Felicity being a smart woman. Both her and Skye were the two people probably more qualified to get to the bottom of what is going on here. <p>

"Would be a good guess! More logical to assume that we would both check into anything having to do with Rising Tide. I have to say I am thankful that it is you." <p>


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<b>Full Name:</b> Felicity Megan Smoak
<b>Nicknames:</b> Smoak
<b>Age:</b> 27
<b>Codename:</b> Overwatch
<b>Occupation:</b> Vice President of Palmer Technologies/Team Arrow
<b>Sexuality:</b> Heterosexual
<b>Hometown:</b> Las Vegas
<b>Member Group:</b> Civilian
<b>Face Claim:</b> Emily Bett Rickards
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